So I have learned the basics of Java and I now want to start on game developing for Android I have already started on making my first game, but I found these two different tutorials and I have to pick one to follow, since they both use different methods to accomplish stuff :S

The first one is this: Just google kilobolt game tutorials
Which I have used all along to get where my game is now However, the game I'm making is a 2D Overview type and not a 2D shooter :/ It's also focused on making the games to Android Im also sceptical about if this is the best way :/

The second one is this: add this behind youtube /playlist?list=PL8CAB66181A502179&feature=plcp
The videos show how to make regular java 2D overview, like the one I want to make, but on a much more complicated way than the first one. This one also kinda copies Notch's code from his Ludum Dare Game Minicraft

I just can't choose :S It seems like the second one would be the best choice, since it's very similar to how I want my game to turn out :/

Note: I know that there are many different ways to make and develope games, so I'm just asking for your opinion Feel free to add other tutorials Thanks for reading all this