I've been developing an old fashioned pen and paper RPG with a twist to it. In order to release it though I was wanting to make it so that people could play it on their computers from across the internet.
So the idea on the program I'm trying to make is as follows. I post this as I have no idea where to start. I've done some programming in java but haven't done much as far as networking.

The program is to be an interactive chat room. I will desire to tap into web cams with the user's permission, or without his permission, send a single image (like a picture or drawing of the user's choice) I will also need a chat session in the same window. I hope to make microphones usable so that it isn't all chat (or so the chat is backup to anyone who can't use a mic). And I will need a way to move tokens on a grid and have the new locations be broadcast to everyone.

The little I have done with networking leads me to think that the Leader of the game should be the server that all others tap into, he receives data from the others and sends it out to everyone.

Unfortunately this is a large project (I plan on it taking me and my friends a few years to fully create) but I have no idea where to start with things like webcams, mics, and half of the networking stuff.

Any tips on where to start or where to look for the advanced stuff would be terribly helpful.