Hello to all of the Java development community ,

I am a programmer in a school of animation and 3D cinema, which opened the possibility to attend school by distance learning, we have a working system using PHP, and we are prospecting the use of Java tools to create a new way to take content of lessons for students, would like to take advantage of the immense knowledge formed by this community, to take some questions on development using Java.

I wonder if you can create a client with java programming software, which accesses a server, which can be apache or tomcat or another, where each student to use this tool has the ability to watch the video lessons whose content is in HD protected, and in addition, interact with other students exchanging data in multiple media formats such as Video, pictures and text, talk and chat on this same tool. I should like to clarify that framework would be more efficient, which tool would be robust enough to support hundreds of students simultaneously accessing dealing with each request of a student as if they were threads.

In short I would like to know the capacity of java in me to provide a solution for implementing this system.

I thank you for your cooperation.