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Thread: Creating a programm

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    Default Creating a programm

    Hey guys, I have a big big favor to ask. Im studying in Germany and have to do a programming homework. However programming is not a main part of our lessons and therefore I have received very little knowledge about programming with Java. Nonetheless our teacher expects that we write a full programm which I can understand. Bottom line, I would be very thankful if anyone of you could programm or at least help me programm the following assignment:

    Write a programm that proves, that two straights cut each other in a threedimensional room.

    If someone needs the maths to it I can give them. I would be really thankful if you could help me out here. I would do it myself if I actually knew how, but I simply have no clue at all.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Creating a programm

    This isn't a homework service, and what you're asking for equates to academic dishonest, which we don't tolerate.

    Instead, I suggest you read through the following article and post an SSCCE demonstrating where exactly you're stuck: How to Program (stuck on homework? READ THIS BEFORE POSTING)
    Useful links: How to Ask Questions the Smart Way | Use Code Tags | Java Tutorials
    Static Void Games - Play indie games, learn from game tutorials and source code, upload your own games!

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    Default Re: Creating a programm

    This is what I have till now. A friend of mine helped, but now I dont know what to do anymore or how to show that the two straights are actually cutting each other as the math shows.

    class matrix

    public static void main()
    //Initialisierung von 4 Vektoren
    double[] s1 = new double[3] ;
    double[] s2 ;
    double[] r1 ;
    double[] r2 ;

    //Eingabe der Vektoren
    // "Bitte Vektoren eingeben"
    System.out.println("text") ;

    s1[0] = system.in.read();
    s1[1] = get();
    s1[2] = get();
    s2[0] = get();
    s2[1] = get();
    s2[2] = get();
    r1[0] = get();
    r1[1] = get();
    r1[2] = get();
    r2[0] = get();
    r2[1] = get();
    r2[2] = get();

    double[][]m = new double [3][3];

    m[0][0] = r1[0];
    m[0][1] = r1[1];
    m[0][2] = r1[0];
    m[1][0] = -r2[0];
    m[1][1] = -r2[1];
    m[1][2] = -r2[2];
    m[2][0] = s2[0]-s1[0];
    m[2][1] = s2[1]-s1[1];
    m[2][2] = s2[2]-s1[2];

    m[0][1] = m[0][1]-(m[0][0]*m[1][2]/m[0][2]);



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