I'm in the process of making a "Quiz" application in my current interest of developing ME applications, but I'm having a wee bit of trouble.

I've managed to make the menu screen but I have no idea how to make it display the quiz questions. My concept idea was to have several "pages" where a question is asked (some text at the top of the screen), 4 radio buttons are displayed then the users selects a submit option, which moves them onto the next quiz page. After several of these pages are displayed (we'll say 5 for the sake of argument) the user is taken to a final page where some text tells them how many questions they got correct, and an option to return to the main menu screen.

I had this idea as a mini project for myself to bring in everything I'd learnt so far, but as you can see I've hit a problem. So far I've only ever done pretty basic applications where a few UI elements/graphics/etc... are displayed, so I don't know how you'd be able to move between several different "pages."