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Thread: Eclipse seems to be slowing down my projects

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    Default Eclipse seems to be slowing down my projects

    Alright, this story is a bit of a lengthy one but I'll try to make it as short and sweet as possible:

    I've been developing a small indie game for quite some time now using the eclipse IDE and the slick2d/lwjgl libraries. Back when I first started working on the game, I was able to get a nearly perfect 60 FPS framerate, unless there was an absurd number of objects on screen. After a while, I took a short break from coding. When I eventually came back to it after maybe a month or so, I noticed I was getting bizarrely low frame rates that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. Where things used to be perfectly smooth, they began looking incredibly choppy and the FPS jumped around 40-60 fps. They are also times when it would just randomly freeze for maybe a second or so and then resume. Even when running a blank slick2d program that just opens up a black screen, I would get the same kinds of results.

    Now the most interesting part of the story: If I took my project and made it into an executable jar file with JARsplice, the game would run flawlessly like it did way before. This is what leads me to believe it may be eclipse that is now causing my game to run slowly for some reason. I have tried re-downloading eclipse on multiple occasions to try and fix this with no luck whatsoever.

    Does anybody know why it would be causing this, and what I might try to fix the problem? I sincerely appreciate any advice that anybody has to offer me.

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    Default Re: Eclipse seems to be slowing down my projects

    I don't know what JARsplice is. What happens if you just export the jar from eclipse?

    Could it be that it's any program, and not just eclipse? For example, what happens if you do something that's memory-intensive (such as opening itunes or playing a youtube video) while running the jar? You might want to check out your task manager for cpu/memory usage.
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