During the month of September 2017, the recent version of Java has been announced by Java. It was unveiled after three years from the release of Java 8, by putting a wonderful Java that lies in the hands of developers.

In the release cycle for Java, Java 9 is a turning point. Let us see in this post we will get to know about new developer features in Java 9. Let us check from the point of view of operation there are enhancements and changes for security and performance.

1) Modularity

Let us check with the most significant feature of Java 9, the Java Platform Module System. With Java there is the biggest all-time problem that is running in library. On a big platform, 20 years of development takes its toll. There are lots of classes which gets held up similar to you expecting them in a big code base. Apart from this there is no point to encapsulate implementations of private classes in the JDK. External libraries proliferation are led by relying on the inner details which destroyed the Java platform evolution. Such dependencies are en-quired by the module system during execution and compilation.

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2) Productivity

In addition to the module system, Java 9 has small features that improve developer productivity. For example, collection factory methods allow you to create immutable collections with predefined elements in a single statement. No more annoying workarounds needed to create small, predefined collections.

Java 9 and Jigsaw Modular System
3) Performance

A new version of Java is run often by getting performance enhancement and you cannot change the code. There is no exception in Java 9. An illustration of enhancement is the Compact Strings feature. There is no string that is exhibited with ASCII character set that is saved with a particular byte per character.


The development features productivity are ahead from the only point of view to adopt Java 9. Lots of features are acquired by the platform which improves the security. In Java 9 there are lots of security enhancements for securing the networks. For securing HTTPS connections, the latest versions of TLS are now assisted. Apart from that stapling of certificates are assisted. There is no more security improvement with the filter incoming ability for serialization of data.

The curse of Java’s presence is none other than serialization which leads to lots security exploitation in the recent years. You can consider a blacklist or whitelist for filtering incoming serialization data streams by reducing the attack surface of Java serialization.

Accepting Java 8 Features in the Threshold of Java 9
5) Release Cycle

Until now we have discussed the Java 9 features. But you can find one more reason why Java ( is a significant release: The end of the era is marked by feature drove Java versions.


Java is made agiler than before because of these strategies. The significant features are split into progressive steps and offered every 6 months. Every time after their completion, the features are transferred and if one version is not available there is always one more version within 6 months.