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Thread: What's wrong with my code for remembering JFileChooser's Last Directory?

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    Default What's wrong with my code for remembering JFileChooser's Last Directory?

    I need to let my JFileChooser to remember my last directory that I've visited.

    Error I got:Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at MarksKeystroke$1.actionPerformed(MarksKeystroke.ja va:62)
    at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(Abs tractButton.java:19

    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.io.IOException;
    import jxl.Cell;
    import jxl.Sheet;
    import jxl.Workbook;
    import jxl.read.biff.BiffException;
    import java.util.prefs.*;
    import javax.swing.JFileChooser;
    import java.io.File;
    public class MarksKeystroke {
      		static String key;
    		static String fullFileName;
    		static JTextField jtfFile, jtfCell;
    	    static private Robot robot;
    	    static char colNumber;
    		static JFileChooser chooser ;
    		static private Preferences prefs;
    		static String delay;
          	static String columnBegin="";
    		static String rowBegin="";
    		static String columnEnd="";
    		static String rowEnd ="";
    		static	int columnNo;
    		static int rowNo = 0;
        public static void main(String... args) throws Exception {
    		JFrame f = new JFrame();
        	f.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
        	f.setTitle("Marks Entering Keystroke");
        	JPanel titlePanel = new JPanel();
        	JLabel title = new JLabel("Marks Entering Keystroke");
        	JPanel contentPanel = new JPanel();
    	    		//content pane
    	    		JPanel contentPanel1 = new JPanel();
    	    		contentPanel1.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    	    			//sub content pane 1 for conents.
    	    			JPanel cp1 = new JPanel();
    	    			cp1.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    	    			JLabel lblFile = new JLabel("File: ");
    	    			final JTextField tfPath = new JTextField(20);
    	    			JButton btnBrowse = new JButton("Browse");
    	    			btnBrowse.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
    					        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)   {
       	       	//System.out.println(prefs.get("LAST_OUTPUT_DIR", ""));//<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                            File f  = new File ( prefs.get("LAST_OUTPUT_DIR", "")); //<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                           chooser.setCurrentDirectory(f); //<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    					         int retval = chooser.showOpenDialog(null);
    					            if (retval == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION) {
    					                //... The user selected a file, process it.
    					  			File mostRecentOutputDirectory = chooser.getSelectedFile();  //<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    					            	prefs.put("LAST_OUTPUT_DIR", mostRecentOutputDirectory.getAbsolutePath());//<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    				      		 JFileChooser chooser = new JFileChooser();
    					            File file = chooser.getSelectedFile();
    					            String fileName = file.getName();
    					            String strDirectory = file.getParent();
    					            String con = "\\";
    					            fullFileName = strDirectory + con + fileName;
    	    			cp1.add(lblFile, BorderLayout.WEST);
    	    			cp1.add(tfPath, BorderLayout.CENTER);
    	    			cp1.add(btnBrowse, BorderLayout.EAST);
    	    			JPanel cp2 = new JPanel();
    	    			cp2.setLayout(new FlowLayout());
    	    			JLabel lblDelay = new JLabel("Delay between Cells: ");
    	    			final	JTextField tfDelay = new JTextField(5);
    	    			JLabel lblType = new JLabel("Move between Cells: ");
    	    			CheckboxGroup radio = new CheckboxGroup();
    					final Checkbox	enterButton = new Checkbox("Enter", radio, true);
    					final Checkbox	tabButton = new Checkbox("Tab", radio, false);
    	    		JPanel contentPanel2 = new JPanel();
    	    		contentPanel2.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    	    			JPanel cp3 = new JPanel();
    	    			JLabel lblCell = new JLabel("Cell Range (A-Z): ");
    	    			final	JTextField tfCell = new JTextField(5);
    	    	JPanel btnPanel = new JPanel();
    	    	JButton btnStart = new JButton("Start");
    	    	  btnStart.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
          public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)   {
          	 columnBegin="";	rowBegin="";	columnEnd="";	 rowEnd ="";  //Set to NULL whenever Start button is clicked
    				delay = tfDelay.getText();
        	  		String path = tfPath.getText();
        	  		String cell = tfCell.getText();
    		       int posColon= cell.indexOf(":");
             String begin = cell.substring(0, posColon);
       		String end = cell.substring(posColon+1, cell.length() ) ;
     		 for (int i=0; i<begin.length(); i++)
     		  isNumber(""+begin.substring(i,i+1) )  ;
             System.out.println("col is "+columnBegin + "\t row is " + rowBegin );
             for (int i=0; i<end.length(); i++)
     		 isNumber1(""+end.substring(i,i+1) ) ;
    		 int rowNo1 = Integer.parseInt(rowBegin) - 1;
     		 int rowNo = Integer.parseInt(rowEnd) ;
             System.out.println("col is "+columnEnd + "\t row is " + rowNo );
    		Character c = new Character(columnBegin.charAt(0));
    		Character c1 = new Character(columnEnd.charAt(0));
        	MarksKeystroke keyboard = new MarksKeystroke();
            Workbook workbook = Workbook.getWorkbook(new File(path));
            Sheet sheet = workbook.getSheet(0);
      		 for (int x=rowNo1; x<rowNo; x++) {
      		    Cell excel1 = sheet.getCell(columnNo, x);
      		     String data1 = excel1.getContents();
     					if (tabButton.getState() == true) {
    			        } else{
      		  catch (Exception ex) {}
    	    		contentPanel1.add(cp1, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    	    		contentPanel1.add(cp2, BorderLayout.CENTER);
    	    		contentPanel2.add(cp3, BorderLayout.NORTH);
        	f.add(titlePanel, BorderLayout.NORTH);
        	f.add(contentPanel, BorderLayout.CENTER);
        	f.add(btnPanel, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
    			static boolean isNumber(String c)
    	    	  	 rowBegin +=c;
    	    		return true;
    	    	catch (Exception e)
    			   columnBegin +=c;
    			   	return false;
    		static boolean isNumber1(String c1)
    	    	  	 rowEnd +=c1;
    	    		return true;
    	    	catch (Exception e)
    	    			   columnEnd +=c1;
    	    		  		return false;
    	static void colNumber (char character)
    	//	int columnNo = 0;
    	switch (character)
    			case 'A': columnNo =0; break;
    			case 'B': columnNo = 1; break;
    			case 'C': columnNo = 2; break;
    			case 'D': columnNo = 3; break;
    			case 'E': columnNo = 4; break;
    			case 'F': columnNo = 5; break;
    			case 'G': columnNo = 6; break;
    			case 'H': columnNo = 7; break;
    			case 'I': columnNo = 8; break;
    			case 'J': columnNo = 9; break;
    			case 'K': columnNo = 10; break;
    			case 'L': columnNo = 11; break;
    			case 'M': columnNo = 12; break;
    			case 'N': columnNo = 13; break;
    			case 'O': columnNo = 14; break;
    			case 'P': columnNo = 15; break;
    			case 'Q': columnNo = 16; break;
    			case 'R': columnNo = 17; break;
    			case 'S': columnNo = 18; break;
    			case 'T': columnNo = 19; break;
    			case 'U': columnNo = 20; break;
    			case 'V': columnNo = 21; break;
    			case 'W': columnNo = 22; break;
    			case 'X': columnNo = 23; break;
    			case 'Y': columnNo = 24; break;
    			case 'Z': columnNo = 25; break;
       public MarksKeystroke() throws AWTException {
            this.robot = new Robot();
            prefs = Preferences.userNodeForPackage(this.getClass());
        public MarksKeystroke(Robot robot) {
            this.robot = robot;
        public void type(CharSequence characters) {
            int length = characters.length();
            for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {
                    char character = characters.charAt(i);
       public void type(char character) {
            switch (character) {
            case 'a': doType(KeyEvent.VK_A); break;
            case 'b': doType(KeyEvent.VK_B); break;
            case 'c': doType(KeyEvent.VK_C); break;
            case 'd': doType(KeyEvent.VK_D); break;
            case 'e': doType(KeyEvent.VK_E); break;
            case 'f': doType(KeyEvent.VK_F); break;
            case 'g': doType(KeyEvent.VK_G); break;
            case 'h': doType(KeyEvent.VK_H); break;
            case 'i': doType(KeyEvent.VK_I); break;
            case 'j': doType(KeyEvent.VK_J); break;
            case 'k': doType(KeyEvent.VK_K); break;
            case 'l': doType(KeyEvent.VK_L); break;
            case 'm': doType(KeyEvent.VK_M); break;
            case 'n': doType(KeyEvent.VK_N); break;
            case 'o': doType(KeyEvent.VK_O); break;
            case 'p': doType(KeyEvent.VK_P); break;
            case 'q': doType(KeyEvent.VK_Q); break;
            case 'r': doType(KeyEvent.VK_R); break;
            case 's': doType(KeyEvent.VK_S); break;
            case 't': doType(KeyEvent.VK_T); break;
            case 'u': doType(KeyEvent.VK_U); break;
            case 'v': doType(KeyEvent.VK_V); break;
            case 'w': doType(KeyEvent.VK_W); break;
            case 'x': doType(KeyEvent.VK_X); break;
            case 'y': doType(KeyEvent.VK_Y); break;
            case 'z': doType(KeyEvent.VK_Z); break;
            case 'A': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_A); break;
            case 'B': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_B); break;
            case 'C': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_C); break;
            case 'D': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_D); break;
            case 'E': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_E); break;
            case 'F': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_F); break;
            case 'G': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_G); break;
            case 'H': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_H); break;
            case 'I': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_I); break;
            case 'J': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_J); break;
            case 'K': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_K); break;
            case 'L': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_L); break;
            case 'M': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_M); break;
            case 'N': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_N); break;
            case 'O': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_O); break;
            case 'P': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_P); break;
            case 'Q': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_Q); break;
            case 'R': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_R); break;
            case 'S': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_S); break;
            case 'T': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_T); break;
            case 'U': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_U); break;
            case 'V': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_V); break;
            case 'W': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_W); break;
            case 'X': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_X); break;
            case 'Y': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_Y); break;
            case 'Z': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_Z); break;
            case '`': doType(KeyEvent.VK_BACK_QUOTE); break;
            case '0': doType(KeyEvent.VK_0); break;
            case '1': doType(KeyEvent.VK_1); break;
            case '2': doType(KeyEvent.VK_2); break;
            case '3': doType(KeyEvent.VK_3); break;
            case '4': doType(KeyEvent.VK_4); break;
            case '5': doType(KeyEvent.VK_5); break;
            case '6': doType(KeyEvent.VK_6); break;
            case '7': doType(KeyEvent.VK_7); break;
            case '8': doType(KeyEvent.VK_8); break;
            case '9': doType(KeyEvent.VK_9); break;
            case '-': doType(KeyEvent.VK_MINUS); break;
            case '=': doType(KeyEvent.VK_EQUALS); break;
            case '~': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_BACK_QUOTE); break;
            case '!': doType(KeyEvent.VK_EXCLAMATION_MARK); break;
            case '@': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_2); break;
            //case '@': doType(KeyEvent.VK_AT); break;
            case '#': doType(KeyEvent.VK_NUMBER_SIGN); break;
            case '$': doType(KeyEvent.VK_DOLLAR); break;
            case '%': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_5); break;
            case '^': doType(KeyEvent.VK_CIRCUMFLEX); break;
            case '&': doType(KeyEvent.VK_AMPERSAND); break;
            case '*': doType(KeyEvent.VK_ASTERISK); break;
            case '(': doType(KeyEvent.VK_LEFT_PARENTHESIS); break;
            case ')': doType(KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT_PARENTHESIS); break;
            case '_': doType(KeyEvent.VK_UNDERSCORE); break;
            case '+': doType(KeyEvent.VK_PLUS); break;
            case '\t': doType(KeyEvent.VK_TAB); break;
            case '\n': doType(KeyEvent.VK_ENTER); break;
            case '[': doType(KeyEvent.VK_OPEN_BRACKET); break;
            case ']': doType(KeyEvent.VK_CLOSE_BRACKET); break;
            case '\\': doType(KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SLASH); break;
            case '{': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_OPEN_BRACKET); break;
            case '}': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_CLOSE_BRACKET); break;
            case '|': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SLASH); break;
            case ';': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SEMICOLON); break;
            case ':': doType(KeyEvent.VK_COLON); break;
            case '\'': doType(KeyEvent.VK_QUOTE); break;
            case '"': doType(KeyEvent.VK_QUOTEDBL); break;
            case ',': doType(KeyEvent.VK_COMMA); break;
            case '<': doType(KeyEvent.VK_LESS); break;
            case '.': doType(KeyEvent.VK_PERIOD); break;
            case '>': doType(KeyEvent.VK_GREATER); break;
            case '/': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SLASH); break;
            case '?': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT, KeyEvent.VK_SLASH); break;
            case ' ': doType(KeyEvent.VK_SPACE); break;
            //Arrow Key
                    throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot type character " + character);
         public void typeArrow(String d) {
         	if (d.equals("Up")) doType(KeyEvent.VK_UP); else
         	if (d.equals("Down")) doType(KeyEvent.VK_DOWN); else
         	if (d.equals("Left")) doType(KeyEvent.VK_LEFT); else
         	if (d.equals("Right")) doType(KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT);
        private void doType(int... keyCodes) {
            doType(keyCodes, 0, keyCodes.length);
        private void doType(int[] keyCodes, int offset, int length) {
            if (length == 0) {
            doType(keyCodes, offset + 1, length - 1);

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    Default Re: What's wrong with my code for remembering JFileChooser's Last Directory?

    Once again you've posted code which uses a non standard library so no one is going to be able to compile this straight off.

    I suggest you create a smaller program and concentrate on getting just the JFileChooser to work.
    If you post this smaller code back here, we can help you move forward.
    Please use [highlight=Java] code [/highlight] tags when posting your code.
    Forum Tip: Add to peoples reputation by clicking the button on their useful posts.

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