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Thread: Embed a Jar into a website/Exception handling

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    Default Embed a Jar into a website/Exception handling

    How can I embed my Jar file into my website?
    K, so I've tried looking up tutorials on how to do this, but everything wants me to use param and stuff or applets (which I don't know how to export in eclipse? (If you could tell me how to make an applet with eclipse that would be cool too)) etc.

    I've tried using this HTML code:
    <APPLET ARCHIVE="C:\Users\User\Desktop\Magic Ball Website\MagicAnswers.jar" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=50>
    <P>Your Computer Doesn't Know How!<P>
    Amongst other things but it wont load at all. (I haven't messed with the size cause it wont load.)
    Also it should be mentioned that this Jar file uses JOption panes that pop out, so I don't know how that would effect it. (Regardless even using a javadoc that doesn't use those it doesn't work).

    Could someone just show me some HTML code that will make this single jar file load (without param's or whatever.. Or teach me what to put for the params. null??) into the webpage? or maybe make an Applet load if you can tell me how to even make it an applet?

    I've uploaded the jar file with the link below. Maybe you can even make some HTML code that will link to that link directly, I'm not sure if it will really work like a hotlink. =/

    Thanks for any help!



    Oh and while I'm at it I might as well ask.. My program keeps giving me this error if I click the cancel button:
    java.lang.NullPointerException ...
    Now from what I understand its because there is not text entered when they do that. I have already assigned values to the variables that it stores your answer to. But.. I'm guessing I have to do exception handling to stop this error from appearing. I've tried adding some exception handling into my code from examples I've seen on the internet but it doesn't know what I'm talking about when I paste it in.. Maybe because I have to import something? or declare and exception handler? I basically don't know how to do exception handling at all.. It's not really a big deal, but on Macintosh computers it actually complains to the user about it, whereas on windows you don't see the error, it just goes anyway. Any light shed on this would also be appreciated.

    And sorry if this is in the wrong section? I wasn't sure where to put it.

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    Default Re: Embed a Jar into a website/Exception handling

    Recommended reading: Lesson: Applets (The Java™ Tutorials > Deployment)

    Or if you want to examine source html, I have a few applets up at code.KevinWorkman.com

    And for your NPE, chances are you just aren't handling the case of the cancel correctly. Without seeing any code though, we're just guessing. If you do post any code, make sure it's in the form of an SSCCE.
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