Hello All,

I am new to work with L&F in java. I am using Nimbus L&F for my application.

My requirement is i want to bold some of the tab title based on come constraints.

So i tried to create my own paneUI extending from BasicTabbedPaneUI.

Here is my code:

private class customTabbedPaneUI extends BasicTabbedPaneUI{
		private Font boldFont = null;
		protected void installDefaults() {
			boldFont = tabPane.getFont().deriveFont(Font.BOLD);
		protected void paintText(Graphics g, int tabPlacement, Font font, FontMetrics metrics, int tabIndex, String title, Rectangle textRect, boolean isSelected){
			if (My condition){
				super.paintText(g, tabPlacement, boldFont, metrics, tabIndex, title, textRect, isSelected);
				super.paintText(g, tabPlacement, font, metrics, tabIndex, title, textRect, isSelected);

Its working fine. The problem is its not at all coming with the Nimbus L&F. I can guess bcz of i am setting my UI as my customized one ( setUI(new customTabbedPaneUI ()))

Can you pleas any one help me. I want to change only the font to Bold without changing my nimbus L&F.

Please help me guys.

-Arun S