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Thread: Stuck again

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    Default adding all values of an array and finding the average??


    I'm stuck with my assignment again which is to:

    1. Read in all 20 lines of text from a file and store them.
    2. Display all the 20 lines of text on the screen
    3. Display every other line in upper case (so the first, then the third etc), you donít need to display the other line at all (i.e. no output of second, fourth etc.)
    4. Display the number of characters in each line of text and display the average of the characters for all 20 lines of text.
    5. Display the first 10 characters from each line of text

    I'm now stuck with task 4 i've got as far as to display the number of letters in each line but can't quite figgure out how to display the average of the characters for all 20 lines

    The code I have now is:

    /** assignment one reading 20 lines from a file. */
    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.io.File;
    class alice{
    	public static void main (String args[]) throws Exception
    		File myFile = new File("alice.txt");
    		Scanner Scan = new Scanner(myFile);
    		String []aliceline=new String[20];
    		String uppercase;
    		for (int line=0;line<20; line++)
    		{aliceline[line] = Scan.nextLine();
    	for (int odd = 0; odd < 20; odd++){
    	            odd = odd+1;
    		for (int b = 0; b < 20; b++)
    			System.out.println(); /** I need to work the average in this part of the code */

    Any help with this will be much appriciated
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    Default Re: Stuck again

    Ok, so before you loop through and get the lengths of each line, you want to declare an int variable. This int variable will hold the sum of all of the lengths. Then at the end you will have to divide the number in the int by the number of things added to it (20 in this case).

    I wrote this program to demonstrate what I am saying:
    public class TestRead 
        public static void main(String[] args) 
        	int total=0;
    		for (int i = 0 ; i<50; i++)
    			int value = (int)(20*Math.random());
    			total += value;

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    Default Re: Stuck again

    Related Thread - http://www.javaprogrammingforums.com...ers-array.html

    I may merge these.
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