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Thread: Basic image rotation method

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    Default Basic image rotation method

    Hey everyone, i am new here and to java. I am currently just starting to learn java and have a problem trying to figure out a simple method. I am writing methods to rotate images, i can do left and right, but cannot make it rotate 180 degree's. I thought it would be as easy as copying and pasting a few lines or multiplying some of the ints from one of my other methods(bottom method is from my rotate right method), any advice or suggestions?

      public void copyPictureLeftRotation(Picture sourcePic)
      Picture targetPicture = this;
      Pixel sourcePixel = null;
      Pixel targetPixel = null;
      int targetX, targetY = 0;
      int width = sourcePic.getWidth();
      int height = sourcePic.getHeight();
    // loop through the rows
      for (int sourceX = 0; sourceX < width; sourceX++)
    // loop through the colomns
        for (int sourceY = 0; sourceY < height; sourceY++)
    // set the target pixel color to the source pixel color
          sourcePixel = sourcePic.getPixel(sourceX,sourceY);
          targetX = sourceY;
          targetY = width - 1 - sourceX;
          targetPixel = targetPicture.getPixel(targetX,targetY);
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    Default Re: Basic image rotation method

    Your code uses Picture and Pixel classes which are not part of the standard JDK and about which we know nothing except the names. If you wrote those classes, post the code here. If you got them from somewhere else, that's the place to ask for help.


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    Default Re: Basic image rotation method

    You can easily rotate a picture using an affine transformation (built into the standard JDK). Note that you'll have to take into account the fact that rotating the image at a non-right angle multiple will need a larger resultant image to fit the axis-aligned bounding box.

    // angle is specified in radians, angle is measured from positive x axis
    // I'm pretty sure this will work, I didn't actually try it
    public BufferedImage rotateImage(BufferedImage original, double angle)
        BufferedImage result = new BufferedImage((int)(original.getWidth() * Math.abs(Math.cos(angle))), (int)(original.getHeight() * Math.abs(Math.sin(angle))));
        Graphics2D g = result.createGraphics();
        AffineTransform transform = new AffineTransform();
        g.drawImage(original, transform, null);
        return result;

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