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Thread: Java - URL connection accessing Java Scrpit Function

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    Default Java - URL connection accessing Java Scrpit Function

    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to access a function at the following website - Listed Companies - all ASX, NZX, NSX and BSE
    There is a button there (only one) that will enable me to view all the data i need, however i am having a lot of trouble calling that java script function from my java program.
    From What i can tell the function is called - javascript:__doPostBack('btnShowAll','')

    Here is what i have tried to do (trust me Ive tried lots of variations) -
    URL servAddress = new URL("http://www.delisted.com.au?javascript:__doPostBack('btnShowAll','')");
    URLConnection add = servAddress.openConnection();
    URLConnection add = servAddress.openConnection();
    BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(add.getInputStream()));
    while ((companyData = in.readLine()) != null)
    System.out.println("HTML: "+companyData);

    From what i know about javascript (not much) once i have the connection open (as i would in a standard internet browser) i should be able to remove the url and call the function directly - see YouTube - ‪JavaScript hack‬‎. But so far that has not worked either.

    Ive tried various URL links such as -
    URL servAddress = new URL("http://www.delisted.com.au?javascript:__doPostBack('btnShowAll','')");
    URL servAddress = new URL("http://www.delisted.com.au#javascript:__doPostBack('btnShowAll','')");
    URL servAddress = new URL("http://www.delisted.com.au/javascript:__doPostBack('btnShowAll','')");
    URL servAddress = new URL("http://www.delisted.com.au/javasc#ipt:__doPostBack('btnShowAll','')");
    URL servAddress = new URL("http://www.delisted.com.au?javascript:__doPostBack('btnShowAll','0')");
    etc etc

    Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Default Re: Java - URL connection accessing Java Scrpit Function

    Please surround your code with highlight tags. If you don't know how to, see my signature block.

    Have you tried this on a simpler webpage/javascript program? Try to get it working on a smaller sample then modify that code to work with the specific webpage/javascript method you are trying to call.

    Incidentally, you can just run javascript from your program using the Java scripting engine. See: Scripting for the Java Platform.

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    Default Re: Java - URL connection accessing Java Scrpit Function

    Cross posted at Java - URL connection accessing Java Scrpit Function - CodeGuru Forums

    Java Programming - Java - URL connection accessing Java Scrpit Function
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