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Thread: Cannot find symbol error in single package program with default access modifier.

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    Default Cannot find symbol error in single package program with default access modifier.

    By my understanding, variables with default access modifiers are supposed to be able to be accessed from anywhere in a package, and if I'm not mistaken, a package means a single file? Or, does a package mean literally, only if it's named as a package at the top of the file?

    The problem is my booleans on line 10. I'm trying to reuse the same boolean variables in my score class and in my main method. But the compile is returning "cannot find symbol" errors for every attempt to use them in my main method.

    // an easy to use program to hold snooker match scores and feed detailed statistics to the user
    import java.util.Scanner;
    // class Score _ returns points for pots and fouls
    class Score{  
       final private int[] value = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7}; // array of values for ball colour
       int reds = 15, prvb;                          // number of reds used to calculate maximum points remaining on table _ prv holds previous ball potted
       char pact;  // previous action
       boolean swap = true, brk = false;
       int point(int clr, char act){                // method receives ball colour/action _ returns points ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
          int r=0; // reset return value
          for(int i = 1; i<=clr; i++){              // scan input for ball colour
             for(int j = 0; j<= act; j++){          // scan input for action type
                if(i == clr && j == act){           // when ball colour and action type match parameters/arguments from main method
                   if(act == 'p'){                  // pot!
                      if(brk == true && pact == 'p' && (reds >=1 && (clr !=1 || prvb !=1)) || (prvb == 1 && clr == 1)){     // if brk is true and reds remaining
                         System.out.println("While reds remain on table, you must pot a red and a colour alternately.");    // error message
                      r = value[clr-1];             // return value is ball colour -1 in index
                      if(clr == 1){                 // if red ball potted, remove red from total reds                                            *** ( POINTS REMAINING FOR ACTIVE BREAK ADDS 7)**
                   else if(act == 'f'){             // foul!
                      // if red ball fouled, ask if red has been potted and reds-- accordingly
                      if(clr <4){                   // if the value of ball fouled is less than 4 points
                         r = 4;                     // minimim value for foul returned
                      else{                         // if value of ball fouled is 4 or more
                         r = value[clr-1];          // return ball value is ball colour -1
                   else{                            // if action is not pot or foul
                      r = 0;
          prvb = clr;    // this ball colour is previous ball colour on next run
          pact = act;    // this ball action is previous ball action on next run
          return r;
       int pointsRemaining(int clr, char act){                  // method to handle points remaining ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
          if(clr == 1 && act == 'p' || act == 'P'){             // if clr potted is red _ break is active and points for black are available  
             return reds * 8 + 34;  
             return reds * 8 + 27;
    // main method ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    public class SnookerStats{                    
       public static void main(String args[]){
          Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
          boolean concede = false;
          int temp, rem, scr1, scr2;
          int clr;    // variable to hold which coloured ball
          char act;   // variable to hold which action 
          // create object of class for handling scores                                            
          Score obj = new Score();
          // multidimensional array _ frames, balls
          System.out.println("Number of frames to play: ");
          temp = sc.nextInt();
          int[][] blsprfrm = new int [temp][7];          
          // shot loop --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
             // if last shot was a foul _ ask fouled player if they want to put the other player back in _ if free ball occurred and player puts opponent in, minus one red
             // ask for concede here if points remaining are not enough ---------------
             // which ball colour
             System.out.println("Select colour:\n1 : Red\n2 : Yellow\n3 : Green\n4 : Brown\n5 : Blue\n6 : Pink\n7 : Black");
             clr = sc.nextInt();
             // which action
             System.out.println("Select from the following options:\nP : Pot\nM : Miss\nS : Safety\nF : Foul");
             act = sc.next().charAt(0);
             act = Character.toLowerCase(act);
             // if shot is missed, or safety, or foul _ swap player boolean _ continue loop 
             if(act == 'm' || act == 's' || act == 'f'){
                brk = false;
                swap = !swap;
                temp = obj.point(clr, act);
             // if pot or foul _ collect points to temp and give to opposite player _ if free ball, add one red
             if(act == 'p'){
                brk = true;
                temp = obj.point(clr, act);
             // collect remaining points 
             rem = obj.pointsRemaining(clr, act);            
             System.out.println(rem + " points remaining.");
          }  // while end  
          // when frame is conceded _ collect statistics and print ------------------------------------    

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    Default Re: Cannot find symbol error in single package program with default access modifier.

    To access variables in another class from a method, the method needs to have a reference to the instance of the class and use that to access the variable:
       void someMethod() {
          TheClass theClass =  new TheClass();
          int localInt =  theClass.someInt;    // get contents of someInt in this instance of TheClass
    Note: It is better to use a get method vs directly accessing the variable:
    int localInt = theClass.getSomeInt(); // use get method

    Also it is better to have all the code that works with the contents of variables to be contained in the same class where the variables are declared instead of having methods in other classes manipulating the variable.

    Another item: method names should be verbs describing what the method does.
    What does the method point do?
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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