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Thread: Beginner question.

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    Default Beginner question.

    Hello all. First of all I wish to say that I'm an absolute newbie in Java and i Just started.
    So now I learn and have an issue that I cannot fix by my self and I cannot find solution in the Internet.
    So what is the issue.
    We have a task to calculate free space in a room and how many boxes can be puted in the room. It have to calculate the volume of the room, the volume of the boxes and check if there is enought space. The program work fine and make the calculations and if the space finish it give you messege with error for not enought space.
    So were is the issue. We have a case where if you write "Done" in the commant instead of number of boxes it shoud end the program, but it give me an error for the var type.
    As you will see in the code I have an int value in the while cycle that takes the number of boxes but i cannot make it to read the "Done" correct. I tried to convert it as string but it doesn't work. Also String input = scanner.nextLine(); before while for me looks somehow useless, because it want me give some input before start enter number of boxes.

    I'm open for more questions and hope to explain it well.

    --- Update ---

    here is the code: Here ait the code: https://www.codepile.net/pile/1KD4d6KX

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    Default Re: Beginner question.

    So, a little update:
    I found an answer, but i really don't like it, because I make Done check 2 times. I'm sure there is some better way.
    Here is the while cycle:

    String input ="";

    while (!input.equals("Done")) {
    System.out.print("Enter number of boxes ");
    input = scanner.nextLine();
    if (!input.equals("Done")) {
    int numberOfBoxes = Integer.parseInt(input);
    //1 box = 1 cubic meeter
    totalUsedSpace = totalUsedSpace + numberOfBoxes;

    if (houseVolume <= totalUsedSpace) {
    int spaceNeeded = totalUsedSpace - houseVolume;
    System.out.println("No more free space! You need " + spaceNeeded + " Cubic meters more");
    notEnoughtSpace = true;

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