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Thread: Threads and Socket client.

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    Default Threads and Socket client.

    Hi guys, I've been programming in java for some time, but I'm not very advanced, I have to make a socket application, client side only.
    This application receives data, searches the database, and returns a value to the server, is working, there is no delay in response, all ok, but the problem is that I can not know when the connection to the server was broken, and the server sends the right question, doesn't answer any kind of command, so I can't make a keepAlive, so I decided to create a timer to restart all clients in 5 minutes, but I noticed that some clients don't stop in time, starting 2 clients on the same server, and with that I get a block on the server, would anyone have any other idea to perform this process?
    For you to understand, my scenario is as follows:
    8 turnstiles running as a server (no option to run as a client)
    1 server, running my application, starting 8 clients, running in threads

    This is the code where I start clients, which get ips from the database turnstiles, using the same port

    Thank you...
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    Default Re: Threads and Socket client.

    I don't understand what these are: 8 turnstiles Can you explain?
    And what does running as a server mean?

    Do you have any output that shows what you are talking about?

    when the connection to the server was broken
    The Sockets should throw an exception.
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: Threads and Socket client.

    hey Norm, sorry, my english is very bad, im from Brazil, the turnstiles are access turnstiles, or call ratchet, they work with socket connection, but, they running in server mode, and read rfid card, when they read the card, if have a "agent" in client mode connected to then,they send a array bytes, containing card chip number, and the "agent", after checking, responds to her whether or not she releases/open.
    The "agent" is my application, when the connection drops, switch or power outage, that doesn't affect my application, the server (turnstiles), keep looking for the agent, and the agent does not identify this fall, does not enter a throw exception, just keep waiting.
    My solution was to restart the connection every five minutes, regardless of whether or not the connection, but, as there are 8 agents, when calling the method that stops the thread and the connection, not all stop, some threads keep running, and start a new.
    The output, after converted, is something like this: s01+RR+000]00000000000171012132]11/07/2019 17:20:31]1]0}000
    what is bold is the number of the card chip that I check whether or not it can pass there.
    I hope I have clarified better, once again, sorry for my English, thanks for the help.

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