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Thread: Super new at Java

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    Default Super new at Java

    Hey, I'm just learning java I wrote this super simple program. I encountered a bug that I fixed but don't know why it fixed it and am trying to understand why, on top of the countless other mistakes I've probably made. If you remove () from
    if((name.equalsIgnoreCase(username) ||name.equalsIgnoreCase(username2)) && pass.equalsIgnoreCase(password))
    to look like
    if(name.equalsIgnoreCase(username) || name.equalsIgnoreCase(username2) && pass.equalsIgnoreCase(password))
    for the first username "brennan" you can input any password but for the username2 "Chip" it works, and putting () fixes it.

    public class New {
        static Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
        public static void main(String []args){
            boolean click = true;
            String username = "Brennan";
            String username2 = "Chip";
            String name;
            String password = "Let me in";
            String pass;
                System.out.println("Username: ");
                name = sc.nextLine();
                System.out.println("Password: ");
                pass = sc.nextLine();
                if((name.equalsIgnoreCase(username) || name.equalsIgnoreCase(username2)) && pass.equalsIgnoreCase(password)){
                }else if(!name.equals(username) && !pass.equals(password)){
                    System.out.println("Incorrect username or password!");

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    Default Re: Super new at Java

    Without the parentheses, the evaluation order is strictly left to right. Once you get a valid first user name, the rest is not evaluated because if the first part is true, the rest is irrelevant so the if statement short circuits. When you type in a valid second user name, the && comes into play so a valid password is required.

    When you group the first two statements, one or the other must be true at which point the && becomes important because if it is false, the if statement false, if true, the if statement is true.

    In the last case, if either username is invalid, the the && short circuits since (false || false) is false and thus the last expression is not necessary to evaluate.

    	  System.out.println(true || false && false); // true
    	  System.out.println(true || false && true);  // true
    	  System.out.println(false || true && true);  // true
    	  System.out.println(false || true && false); // false
    	  System.out.println((true || false) && false); // false
    	  System.out.println((true || false) && true); // true
    	  System.out.println((false || true) && true); // true
    	  System.out.println((false || true) && false);// false

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    Default Re: Super new at Java

    Ah ok I see, thank you.

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