Please let me introduce myself.

My name is Mr. Sarn Richard ursell, and I am E-Mailing you from Wellington New Zealand.

I need some help with some programming problems.

The reason that I ask this question, is that, as I say, -I have some programming projects that I wish to do, (you know, experiments on sound and pictures), and I figured that many heads when they work together, and when they collaborate, are, in fact, better than one.

I wanted to start with a project which involved getting a picture of a pumpkin, and importing the raw data from the picture into Visual-Studio 2019, and then making an array/matrix or an array tensor out of it.

Now, more on the project...

I thought that you could then spiral in towards that middle of the picture, and then to take one pixel at a time form this square spiral, and to lay them down onto a row/line vector.

Then, I thought that you could then take these pixels from the line vector, and then lay them into another matrix/array, in a zig- zag patter.

In so doing, we mangle the matrix, and then I though that we could convert this mangled matrix back into a picture.

I do have a number of other programming projects which involve sound and pictures, so I would like to collaborate ideas and share ideas with you.

The problem, is, that, -I do not know what the commands would be for stripping the header and also the meta-data from a *.jpeg picture, and then importing the raw data, raw data which must be converted into a matrix, or a 3-, or even a 4- dimensional array.

I look forward to hearing from you all, and I could really, REALLY like to share ideas and to collaborate with you on these project, more of which I will advise you and inform you of later.

Many thanks,


Mr. Sarn Richard ursell.