I have a few Java beginner ?'s:

1) My Main Class is getting too Big and thinking about breaking it down. I have an object (Main Class) that I would like to break up into smaller (subclassing) pieces, and executed from this Main Class. Examples might be: Main Class passes parameters to Find and Read a file to a subclass (or something) and return with results (Found condition with found values, Notfound condition and its values, etc.)
??? - What is the more efficient means of accomplishing this desire? I will be doing this type or processing (for different) reasons throughout the Main Class.

2) Look up a value on a file. I am thinking about creating another TreeMap loaded from another sequential .txt file. Consideration: I will likely be bouncing around on this other TreeMap (or something else).
??? Would creating a second TreeMap (short of writing to a database) be the more efficient means of looking up a value (hundreds of records)? There is also a secondary map concept that I was thinking about. I thought about HashMap but I am expecting too much bouncing around.

3) Looking up articles (Solved as well as others) in this forum? I think I need a little more time experimenting on this matter and then I will be set.

I believe that I have directed this post to -- Java Programming Forums v2 (I hope that I did this correctly).

Thank you