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Hello and a greeting of peace. I hope everyone is going great.

We have a project in school in which we should use OAuth 2.0 as a means of accessing protected API that we will create later on. For starters, our teacher gave us this link:

We tried to read the article, give it a try, but all we get is (we are using Eclipse Oxygen.3a Release (4.7.3a)):

Please provide valid values for username, password, authentication server url and grant type

We know there's something we need to put a value, but we do not know what USERNAME, PASSWORD, RESOURCE_SERVER_URL, AUTHENTICATION_SERVER_URL, and GRANT_TYPE should we "use":

And also, where on this part of code should we add my class (instantiation) once the request is verified and/or authenticated? We have already declared a class that has a simple method for displaying a string. We want this method to run if OAuth2.0 validates the user.

Or maybe someone has a step by step way on how to do this, much like of a "for dummies" version, so we could follow the codes, and understand it much better.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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