I am able to create p12 keystore using java API but the problem I face is that IHS server expect me to produce stashed file of P12 keystore. I have no idea how to implement and what api can be used to generate the stashed file so that IHS server can directly read and use it for secure communication.
The below code is used to create p12 keystore using java 7.I am creating the certificate using bouncy castle api.

KeyStore keyStore = KeyStore.getInstance("pkcs12");
X509Certificate cert1= (X509Certificate)cert;
X509Certificate[] chain = new X509Certificate[1];
keyStore.setKeyEntry("private", key, "password".toCharArray(), chain);
keyStore.store(new FileOutputStream(keyPath+"/mykeystore.p12"), "password".toCharArray());

Sandeep Shukla