To all:

I have been working on the pi3 for about a month and just realized i had an error when I was attempting to compile an easy java program.
The error I am sure is tied to the fact that the pi3 has ¨UK¨"as itś default keyboard. So i went to the terminal and did a cat on /etc/default/keyboard file and it
showed UK as the default. I did a vim on it and changed it to the ¨us¨ and saved it.

Later I did a reboot but the problem is still there and here is the error code from the bluej java logfile.txt:

/home/pi/Letty_Java/firstprog/firstprog/ error: illegal character: '\u00a8'
System.out.println(¨WELCOME LETICIA¨);

Sure could use help from all you CS/IT people!