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    Default METHODS!!! HELP

    Hi I'm new here I have a project due midnight and it'll be greatly appreciated if someone can help me with my code. For my code I have to make a game the game I'm making is war the project MUST be organized using method but everytime I try to make a method I get the follow errors on each of my methods except my main

    HTML Code:
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.util.Random;
    class warcardGame {
     public static void main(String[] args) {
       String line = "Welcome to my game of war. " + 
          "The rules of the game are simple " + 
          "Each player turns up a card at the same time and the player with the higher card takes both cards and puts them in their " +
          "respective decks"+
         " If the car1ds are the same rank , then another draw happens"+
          "The game is won when someone has ALL of the cards" + 
           "!!Aces are 14!!";
       Random generator = new Random();
      Scanner reader = new Scanner(System.in);
      ArrayList<String> deck = new ArrayList<String>();
      ArrayList<String> userhand = new ArrayList<String>();
      ArrayList<String> computerhand = new ArrayList<String>();
      public void randNum(){
      ArrayList<Integer> numbers = new ArrayList<Integer>();   
      Random randomGenerator = new Random();
      while (numbers.size() < 52) {
          int random = randomGenerator .nextInt(52);
          if (!numbers.contains(random)) {
      public void deckCards(){
      deck.add("Ace Of Hearts");
      deck.add("Ace Of Clubs");
      deck.add("Ace Of Spades");
      deck.add("Ace Of Diamonds");
      deck.add("2 of Hearts");
      deck.add("3 of Hearts");
      deck.add("4 of Hearts");
      deck.add("5 of Hearts");
      deck.add("6 of Hearts");
      deck.add("7 of Hearts");
      deck.add("8 of Hearts");
      deck.add("9 of Hearts");
      deck.add("10 of Hearts");
      deck.add("Jack of Hearts");
      deck.add("Queen of Hearts");
      deck.add("King of Hearts");
      deck.add("2 of Diamonds");
      deck.add("3 of Diamonds");
      deck.add("4 of Diamonds");
      deck.add("5 of Diamonds");
      deck.add("6 ofDiamonds");
      deck.add("7 ofDiamonds");
      deck.add("8 ofDiamonds");
      deck.add("9 ofDiamonds");
      deck.add("10 ofDiamonds");
      deck.add("Jack ofDiamonds");
      deck.add("Queen ofDiamonds");
      deck.add("King ofDiamonds");
      deck.add("2 of Clubs");
      deck.add("3 of Clubs");
      deck.add("4 of Clubs");
      deck.add("5 of Clubs");
      deck.add("6 of Clubs");
      deck.add("7 of Clubs");
      deck.add("8 of Clubs");
      deck.add("9 of Clubs");
      deck.add("10 of Clubs"); 
      deck.add("Jack of Clubs");
      deck.add("Queen of Clubs");
      deck.add("King of Clubs");
      deck.add("2 of Spades");
      deck.add("3 of Spades");
      deck.add("4 of Spades");
      deck.add("5 of Spades");
      deck.add("6 of Spades");
      deck.add("7 of Spades");
      deck.add("8 of Spades");
      deck.add("9 of Spades");
      deck.add("10 of Spades");
      deck.add("Jack of Spades");
      deck.add("Queen of Spades");
      deck.add("King of Spades");
    public void dealCards(){
      for(int i = 0; i<deck.size()/2; i++){
       int firstnumber = numbers.get(i);
       String set = deck.get(firstnumber);
      public void dealCardscpu(){
        for(int a = 0; a<deck.size(); a++){
         String checkword = deck.get(a);
         if(userhand.contains(checkword) == false)
      public void warGamecards(){
      while(userhand.size()>0 && computerhand.size()>0){
       int l = generator.nextInt(userhand.size()-0);
       int p = generator.nextInt(computerhand.size()-0);
       String cardone = userhand.get(l);
       String cardtwo = computerhand.get(p);
       System.out.println("Your : " + cardone);
       System.out.println("Computer Card: " + cardtwo);
       System.out.println("You have " + userhand.size() + " cards.");
       System.out.println("The computer has " + computerhand.size() + " cards.");
       System.out.println("If your card is bigger please enter 1.");
       System.out.println("If the computer card is bigger please enter 2.");
       System.out.println("If there is a tie enter 3.");
       System.out.print("Enter winner: ");
       int winner = reader.nextInt();
       if(winner == 1){
       if(winner == 2){
     if(userhand.size() == 0){
       System.out.println("The computer has won the game.");
        System.out.println("THANKS FOR PLAYING");
     if(computerhand.size() == 0){
      System.out.println("You have won the game!!!! :)");
      System.out.println("THANKS FOR PLAYING");

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    Default Re: METHODS!!! HELP

    everytime I try to make a method I get the follow errors
    Can you copy the full text of the error messages and paste it here so we can see what the compiler is complaining about?

    Please wrap the code with CODE tags not HTML tags.

    The code's formatting needs to be properly indented so that it can be read and understood.
    Too many nested statements are not indented to show the logic.
    Last edited by NormR; June 14th, 2017 at 07:45 PM.

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    Default Re: METHODS!!! HELP

    Please post the errors
    Whatever you are, be a good one

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