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Thread: do-while loop help

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    Default do-while loop help

    I'm having trouble figuring out why my do-while loop isn't fully working. As you can see, it will loop for the first 2 values of i (1 and 2), but then after that
    if i doesn't fit in my if or if-else statements, the loop stops. Any help or suggestions?
    	int iterationNum = 1;
    					int cycle = 0;
    					double denominator = 1.0;
    					double pi = 0.0;		
    					double validPrint;
    					int n = 1;
    		do {
    						pi += (4.0 * Math.pow(-1.0, cycle))/denominator;
    						validPrint = Math.pow(iterationNum, (1/n));
    						if(iterationNum == 1){					
    							System.out.print("\ni=" + iterationNum + " " + " pi=" + pi +
    									"\tcontinue (y|n)?");	
    						else if(validPrint == 2){
    							System.out.print("\ni=" + iterationNum + " " + " pi=" + pi +
    									"\tcontinue (y|n)?");
    							denominator = (denominator + 2.0);
    						}while(iterationNum < 400);


    i=1 pi=4.0 continue (y|n)?
    i=2 pi=2.666666666666667 continue (y|n)? //code randomly stops here
    My First Program can do many things!
    1. Estimate population(goes back to menu like it should after the loop fully ends.)
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    Default Re: do-while loop help

    Please edit your post and wrap your code with code tags:
    to get highlighting and preserve formatting.
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: do-while loop help

    Welcome to the Forum! Please read this topic to learn how to post code correctly and other useful tips for newcomers.

    Just so you know . . . you updated your original post - a good thing, but that doesn't provide notification to those who may be interested or bring it back as a "New Post," which many of us key on. You can add a reply, "Fixed post," or something like that to let people know.

    As for your problem - you don't have one, at least not the one you think you do. What happens if you add a statement like:

    System.out.println( "Iteration #: " + iterationNum );

    right before the closing brace and while() statement?

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