The project is about to develop a system that enables network administrator to control their Local Area Network when he is away from the office using handheld devices like Cell phone, Tablet, Laptop using their E-mail account. In order to manage and control your network through email, first you have to authenticate with the server through sending an authentication SMS using your Email account. After login to the server you are able to send required action through series of Email through your Email account from anywhere you are. On the other hand, server perform the requested action and return a function completion notification to the administrator's email account. Administrator can perform actions like shutdown the desired client machine, view connected client to the server machine, screen shoot of the desktop, create new text file and so on. This is the era of Internet and mobile phone, and mobile phones and email services are widely used, but remote monitoring using email is still miracle using GPRS or Wi-Fi. This system would be more useful for those who are worked as network administrator for one or more office.

I am planning to start my project but how can I start.. please help me...I will really appreciate you
Thank you!