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Thread: help rendering view

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    Default help rendering view

    I'm trying to get a primefaces data list working and not sure I'm doing this correctly, having a problem with getting this view to display. Here is my xhtml ...
        <p:scrollPanel id="cclist" header="CCList" styleClass="cc-log">
            <p:dataList value="contactController.contacts" var="contact" type="ordered">
                <f:facet name="header">
                    Call List
                #{contact.firstName}, #{contact.lastName}
    And the supporting code ...
    @EJB(name="ejb/ContactBean", beanInterface=IContact.class)
    public class ContactController {
        private IContact icontact;
        private List<Contact> contacts;
        public ContactController() {
            try {
                icontact = (IContact)
                    (new InitialContext()).lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/ContactBean");
            catch (Exception e) {
        public List<Contact> getContacts() throws Exception {
            try {
                contacts = icontact.getContacts();
            catch (Exception e) {
            return contacts;
    public class ContactBean implements IContact {
        private EntityManager em;
        private List<Contact> contacts;
        public List<Contact> getContacts() {
            try {
                contacts = (List<Contact>)
            catch (Exception e) {
                throw new EJBException(e.getMessage());
            return contacts;
    @SequenceGenerator(name="contactIdGen", initialValue=1000,
        sequenceName="contact_seq", allocationSize=1)
    @NamedQuery(name="Contact.findAll", query="SELECT c FROM Contact c")
    public class Contact implements Serializable {
        @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator="contactIdGen")
        private Integer id;
        private String first;
        private String last;
        private String phone;
        public Contact() { }
        public Integer getId() {
            return this.id;
        public void setId(Integer id) {
            this.id = id;
        public String getFirstName() {
            return this.first;
        public void setFirstName(String first) {
            this.first = first;
        public String getLastName() {
            return this.last;
        public void setLastName(String last) {
            this.last = last;
        public String getPhone() {
            return this.phone;
        public void setPhone(String phone) {
            this.phone = phone;

    The error output to the console is ...
        Error Rendering View[/users/index.xhtml]
    javax.el.ELException: /users/index.xhtml: The class 'java.lang.String' does not have the property 'firstName'.
            at com.sun.faces.facelets.compiler.TextInstruction.write(TextInstruction.java:88)
            at com.sun.faces.facelets.compiler.UIInstructions.encodeBegin(UIInstructions.java:82)
            at org.primefaces.renderkit.CoreRenderer.renderChild(CoreRenderer.java:67)

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    Default Re: help rendering view

    The naming of the accessor methods is critical and must coincide with the names of the properties, following the naming convention. Check the names of the properties and the names of the accessor methods and correct those that do not follow the naming convention.

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