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Thread: Statistics Lab - Loop/ File IO NEED HELP!

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    Default Statistics Lab - Loop/ File IO NEED HELP!

    I'm desperate to try and solve this. I forgot to do this lab during mid semester in my computer science class and for some reason i'm drawing complete blanks. This is the last lab I need to complete for full credit. I put in some of the basic variables but really need help completing this.

    I don't have the text files with me.

     * Create a program that will calculate the min, max and average from a
     * data set(s).  The purpose of the lab is to implement a loop construct
     * along with the ability to perform file I/O.
     * 1) Place C4L2_Data1.txt, C4L2_Data2.txt, and C4L2_Data3.txt in the
     *    root directory of your project.  These are your input files.
     * 2) Each file has a list of numbers which is a combination of
     *    integer and floating point values.
     * 3) Each file has the same values, but in different order.
     * 4) Since it is likely you wouldn't know the count of values in an input
     *    file I suggest you use the while or do-while loop.
     * 5) Your program should read the data line-by-line evaluating each value
     *    to determine if it is the min or max while also accumulating the total
     *    which will be used to calculate the avergage upon reading all values.
     * 6) After you execute your program using C4L2_Data1.txt, run it again
     *    using the other two input files.  
     * 7) The purpose of having the same data amongst three files is to test
     *    the logic of your program to handle the case(s) where the min and max
     *    could be anywhere in the file.
     * 8) After you execute your program with the three files you should always
     *    obtain the same min, max, and average.  If your results differ between
     *    the input files then you have a logical error in your program
    import java.io.File;
    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.text.DecimalFormat;
    public class C4L2_Statistics {
      public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
          double num; //Temporary var representing a single value from the file
          double min; //The minimum value in the file
          double max; //The maximum value in the file
          double average; //The average of the values
          int count = 0; //Keeps track of the number of values in the file
          double total = 0; //The accumulator
          DecimalFormat formatter = new DecimalFormat("#,##0.00");
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    Default Re: Statistics Lab - Loop/ File IO NEED HELP!

    Welcome to the forum! Please read this topic to learn how to post code in code or highlight tags and other useful info for new members.

    Please post your code correctly.

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