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Thread: assign values to nodes read from XML using java

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    Lightbulb assign values to nodes read from XML using java

    i am trying to assign unique values to nodes read from XML file.. eg: consider this XML file:

          <name>Belgian Waffles</name>
          <description> ...Strong Belgian waffles...</description>
          <chef type="Senior">
               <chef1>Mr. A</chef1>
               <chef2>Mr. B</chef2>
          <name>Strawberry Waffles</name>
          <description>...Light Strawberry waffles...</description>
          <chef type="Senior">
               <chef1>Mr. A</chef1>
               <chef2>Mr. B</chef2>

    now assigning these nodes "a unique value" has to be done following the LSDX labelling pattern i.e:

    To the document element we first give an “a”.As there is no parent node for the document element, we assign “0” at the front of that “a” . “0a” is the unique code for the document element (breakfast_menu). For the children nodes of “0a”, we continue with the next level of the XML tree which is “1” then the code of its parent node which is “a” and a concatenation “.” . We then add a letter “b” for the first child, letter “c” for the second child, “d” for the third child and so on.Unique codes for children nodes of “0a” shall be “1a.b”, “1a.c”, “1a.d”, etc.Hence foe the above given XML the mapping would look something like this:

    0a breakfast_menu
        1a.b food
           2ab.b name
           2ab.c price
           2ab.d description
           2ab.e calories
           2ab.f chef
              3abf.b chef1
              3abf.c chef2        
        1a.c food
           2ac.b name
           2ac.c price
           2ac.d description
           2ac.e calories
           2ac.f chef 
              3acf.b chef1
              3acf.c chef2

    For more samples about LSDX labelling : 1.) Section 3.1 LSDX Labelling on this link: http://crpit.com/confpapers/CRPITV39Duong.pdf

    2.) Fig 3 on page 1189 on this link: http://books.google.co.in/books?id=F...0nodes&f=false

    right now i am using SAX parser to read xml and get the nodes in their hierarchical order..now the problem is that i have to assign these specific value to their respective nodes using java..can any1 help me out as to how to do this..
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    Default Re: assign values to nodes read from XML using java

    SAX parsers don't build in-memory trees. Are you doing that yourself yet? It seems to me you're going to need a tree of objects so you can ask relevant questions about the node, its children, and its parent (directly and how deep from the root) when building your output.

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