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Thread: Closing files

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    Default Closing files

    I have opened up an input file using
    File input=new File("hello.txt")
    Then I have created a scanner object that reads data from the file.
    Scanner read_file=new Scanner (input)
    my question is when closing the files why can't I just do input.close() since that is also closing the file?

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    Default Re: Closing files

    Because close() is not a valid File method. Scanner objects are closed; File objects are not.

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    Default Re: Closing files

    Since input is a File object, take a look at the list of methods at File (Java Platform SE 7 ) - there isn't a close method for File.

    On the other hand, take a look at the list of methods for Scanner at Scanner (Java Platform SE 7 ). You'll find a close method there.

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    Default Re: Closing files

    my question is when closing the files why can't I just do input.close() since that is also closing the file?
    first there is no close() method for java.io.File

    and if you think of it, do you really need to close that file?
    because there many instances when creating a File object,
    is the file already exist? if not then there is no reason to close it right?
    is file a directory? if so why do you need to close it?
    in that case, what is the sense of closing it?

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    Default Re: Closing files

    Got your point but what I have been reading from my book, it guided me to close all of your ouput and input files when I'm done reading and writing with them...I'm aware that whenever I don't close the output file, then nothing is displayed on my output file when im writing to it. Vice versa for input file, everything seems to be operating well even if I don't close the file. I will keep the close() method in mind though

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    Default Re: Closing files

    You do not open a File when creating an instance of the File class.
    The class File is merely information about a file. Like its name, size and other useful data.
    A file is opened when you create a reader / writer or some kind of stream that is using the file.
    If you want to close that file you have to close the reader / writer.

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    Default Re: Closing files

    Sweet makes much for sense!thank you Cornix!

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