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Thread: If else statement not working.

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    Default If else statement not working.

    I'm trying to make a test on java. So far I'm on Question 1 and I'm having this issue. The if else statement won't allow me to add to the score.

    class ExamEngine {
        static CinReader Cin= new CinReader();
        static int Score=0;
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            System.out.println("Type in your name.");
            String name=Cin.readString();
            System.out.println("Hello " +name+".");
            System.out.println("Welcome to your Midterm.");
            System.out.println("Type in the correct word for the definition below.");
            System.out.println("Spelling counts, so make sure you spell the answer correctly.");
            public static void Question1()
            System.out.println("          ");
            System.out.println("1. The operator (=) used to store the value of an expression into a variable, for instance"); 
            System.out.println("variable = expression; The right-hand-side is completely evaluated before the assignment is made.");
            System.out.println(" An assignment may, itself, be used as part of an expression.");
            System.out.println("The following assignment statement stores zero into both variables. x = y = 0;");
            String Q1=Cin.readString();
            if(Q1.equals("assignment operator"))
            System.out.println("Good job!");

    If I remove the "Score++;" bit, everything is fine. But I need to add to the score when they answer a question right. However, with "Score++;" there, I get this issue: 'else' without 'if'.

    Note that this cannot be multiple choice, so that's why I'm using if-else, because I don't think a case system would work here.

    Is there a way I can make this work while adding to the score?

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    Default Re: If else statement not working.

    You should always use curly brackets{} after if statements, even if they only contain one line.

    Since your if statement does not have curly brackets, it is only applied to the very next line, which is the print statement.

    In other words, add curly brackets and put whatever you want to happen as a result of the if statement inside of them.
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    Default Re: If else statement not working.

    Also it is better NOT to hide {s by putting code after them on the same line.
      else{System.out.println("Incorrect.");   // { hidden
      else {               // { easier to see
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