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Thread: battleship gui needed

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    Default battleship gui needed

    hi i have an assignment please help.....

    Design and implement a GUI front end for a computerised version of Battleships.

    Code for implementing a simple computerised version of Battleships has been supplied. Examine the code ensuring that you understand it.

    The game is played against the computer.

    A number of ships (default is 6) are place randomly on a 4 x 4 grid. A ship occupies one square only. The player then guesses the position of a ship. If he/she guesses correctly the ship is HIT and sinks. If the guess is incorrect the player loses a life. The default number of lives is 7. If the location has been guessed already, no lives are lost.

    When the game starts, a 4 x 4 grid should be displayed.
    The user should be allowed to enter/select a cell location. If the selected cell contains a ship, the ship will be destroyed. If not the player loses a life. The cell should display an appropriate picture, icon or message informing the user of its current state.

    The number of lives and number of ships remaining should be displayed.

    When the game ends an appropriate message should be shown informing the player whether he/she has won or lost. The positions of the ships should also be shown.

    The purpose of this assignment is that students demonstrate an understanding of the Java Swing library and that he/she can navigate and use the API effectively.

    Your finished GUI should be both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

    Ideally, the user should have the option to play another game, to quit or give up mid-game. You may also wish to include other options such as help, different levels of difficulty etc.

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    Default Re: battleship gui needed

    This, in technical terms, is what we call a 'homework dump', implying you wish someone to do this for you. If so, then you've come to the wrong place (and actually requesting such is against any academic policy you may be under). If you wish for help in your attempts, then I recommend posting what you've tried, and state exactly where you were stuck. Help is typically better received when one asks a specific question regarding their code.

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