I have a column in JTable in JScrollPane which shows a screenshot of a map, and two more columns. In the first column a name of a section on the image map appears, and in the second should be displayed the calculations regarding the section in the first column fro the same row.
I make this calculation in one class (at the moment of taking the screen shot) regarding every section in a row. The calculations should appear in the second column of a table at the moment/interval of observation.

The code of the calculations in the first class is the following:

int counter = 0;
for (BufferedImage bImage :lineImage1){
int trafficSection[]= analysis.colorShare(screenCapturing.getMapTrafficO nly(), bImage);
trafficString [counter] ="g:" + trafficSection[0] + " y:" + trafficSection[1] + " r:" + trafficSection[2]; // + " B: " + trafficSection[3];
counter ++;
//JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(GuiMain.this,"road "+ Integer.toString(counter) + " " +trafficString + "Time:" +String.valueOf(sdf.format(now.getTime())),"traffi cString", JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE);

In another class the appearance of the table is explained and the code for the appearance in the column in the other class is:

else if(column != 0)

return new JLabel(GuiMain.trafficString[0]);

else if (GuiMain.currentlyObserving==false) return new JLabel("");

When I run the code I don't get the calculations in the second column.
Can anybody help me please where is my mistake?
Thanks a lot.