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Thread: Prompt user for inputs and then sort correctly

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    Default Prompt user for inputs and then sort correctly

    I'm currently in my first semester. I have a project requiring me to build a program having a user input 3 words, sort them alphabetically and output the middle word. I have done some searching and seem to only come back with results for sorting 2 words. I so far have code to get the user input but I am completely lost as to how to sort them alphabetically. Please be patient with me as I am very new to programming. If anyone can provide me with any advice or the best or easiest way to go about sorting these I would greatly appreciate it

     import java.util.Scanner; //The Scanner is in the java.util package.
     public class MiddleString {
         public static void main(String [] args){
             Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in); //Create a Scanner object.
                String str1, str2, str3; 
             System.out.println("Please enter three word words : "); //Prompt user to enter the three words
             str1=input.next(); //Sets "str1" = to first word.
             str2=input.next(); //Sets "str2" = to second word.
             str3=input.next(); //Sets "str3" = to third word.
             System.out.println("The middle word is " ); // Outputs the middle word in alphabetical order.

    we havnt done arrays yet and I THINK i have to do compareTo.....if so can someone please show me example on how to use it?

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    Default Re: Prompt user for inputs and then sort correctly

    Have you read the String API page and the explanation of String.compareTo()? That's where you should start. Then you should play with it to see if your understanding and the documentation agree, and then play with it some more to answer any questions you may have. If questions remain that you cannot answer, come back and ask them.

    Sorting 3 inputs is something to think about. Imagine someone hands you a nickel, dime, and then a quarter in random order. You don't know which coins they're going to pass you or in which order. How do you put them in order? Can you program that?

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