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Thread: Strings

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    Hello, obviously you can see that I am new to Java and programming. I was assigned this project which is now turned in and graded. But I would like to know how to do it properly, it has to do as you might have guessed Strings, so what the question was asking was to do this
    Create a class with the following 2 static methods. Also create a test class to verify that your methods are working correctly. You may use the examples below as test cases, but add a few new ones too. You will want to use the StringBuilder class for these methods.

    1. Given a string, compute a new string where identical chars that are adjacent in the original string are separated from each other by a "*".

    Examples are as shown below::
    function name is public static String addStars(String str)
    addStars("hello") → "hel*lo"
    addStars("xxyy") → "x*xy*y"
    addStars("aaaa") → "a*a*a*a"

    2. Given a string, compute a new string where all the lowercase 'x' chars have been moved to the end of the string.

    Examples are as shown below::
    function name is public static String moveXs(String str)

    moveXs("xxre") → "rexx"
    moveXs("xxhixx") → "hixxxx"
    moveXs("xhixhix") → "hihixxx"

    And I had a Code that just failed straight across the board(monitor) and I was wondering how could I do this? Well I came up with this pseudo code.

    Well what I knew was that any re-occurrences of a letter right after a letter would result in a putting of a "*" after the first occurrence. So I was wondering how I would do that.
    The second part of it would be to take all x's from a string and put them at the end I was also wondering how to do that.

    My teacher said it had to do with string buffers but I have not a clue how to use string buffers. Please if you could just help me understand how to do this.

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    Default Re: Strings

    OK, here we go.
    For your first method you can loop over the original String and compare the character at the current index with the character at current +1. Add * if they are identical.
    The second one could be either done with shifting every x found, or you just count all 'x's, remove them from the String and append the number of 'x's found at the end.
    Start simple, one step after the other. first loop over the String. Next try to find identical adjacent chars. After that try to insert * at the right spot. Use loads of System.out.println() statements, to see what your methods do.

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