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Thread: Why won't my program compile?

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    Default Why won't my program compile?


    I have researched and worked on my code for days and I still can't figure out why I am receiving an error. Please help if you can!

    This is the program to be designed:
    Write a query method public boolean sameNumber (Vic par) for Looper: The executor tells whether it has the same number of CDs in its slots as the Vic parameter. Do not use numeric variables. Hint: Advance each to the next nonempty slot. Repeat this until one runs out of slots. Does the other?

         public boolean sameNumber (Vic par)
         {  String thisSpot = this.getPosition();
            String parSpot = par.getPosition();
            while (this.seesSlot() && par.seesSlot())
                {   if (this.seesCD() && par.seesCD())
                        { this.moveOn();
                    if (this.seesCD() && ! par.seesCD())
                    if ( ! this.seesCD() && par.seesCD())
                    if ( ! this.seesCD() && ! par.seesCD())
                        {  this.moveOn();
             boolean valueToReturn = ! this.seesSlot() && ! par.seesSlot();
             this.backUpTo (thisSpot);
             par.backUpTo (parSpot); 
             return valueToReturn;  

    I have attached the entire folder. When I compile I receive the following error:

    cannot find symbol - method backUpTo(java.lang.String)

    Exercise 3.34.zip

    Thank you so much for all the help!

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    Default Re: Why won't my program compile?

    There is a problem with one of these (or both) calls:

    this.backUpTo (thisSpot);
    par.backUpTo (parSpot);

    (the 'this' is probably unnecessary but can't be sure. i'd be curious to see why you think it's necessary.)

    You didn't tell us which line (or both) was causing the error. This error:

    cannot find symbol - method backUpTo(java.lang.String)

    means "there's no such method called "backUpTo()" that takes a String as a parameter" (within the same 'scope' or within visibility of the calls).

    Recommendation: Fix it.

    If you still don't know how, then post the entire class that includes the method backUpTo().

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