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Thread: cannot be resolved to a type

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    Default cannot be resolved to a type

    So I'm really new to java programming and of course I've gotten down to the wire on an assignment and I'm stuck. I keep getting the error "plotBar cannot be resolved to a type" and I'm really clueless as to what to do I've tried many things and I'm stumped, my only other programming experience is in C programming.

    Here's what I'm supposed to do:

    A public method plotBar which returns nothing and takes in order these arguments: an
    int for the x-coordinate of the bar's lower-left corner, an int for the y-coordinate of the bar's
    lower-left corner, a double for the bar's width, and a String for the bar's text label. Suppose
    this method is called with:

    plotBar(10, 20, 57.5, "Vegan Republicans");

    Then this method prints the text:
    10 20 moveto
    57.5 0 rlineto
    0 BAR_HEIGHT rlineto
    -57.5 0 rlineto
    67.5 20 moveto
    (Vegan Republicans) show

    This code traces the perimeter of the bar and fills it. The last two lines print the label text
    starting at the lower-right corner of the bar.

    Here's my code:

    package hw1;
    public class BarPlot {
    	public static final int BAR_HEIGHT = 20;
    	public void plotBar(int givenX, int givenY, double givenWidth, String name){
    		private int x, y;
    		double width;
    		x = givenX;
    		y = givenY;
    		width = givenWidth;

    Other than the error I was trying to figure if I'm entering the string in the method parameters correctly.
    Thanks for any help you can give(and yeah its due tomorrow )

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    Default Re: cannot be resolved to a type

    This may be silly, but you are instantiating an object of type BarPlot and then invoking the plotBar method on that instance, correct? That is, you're using it as follows:

    BarPlot bp;

    That should work, I'd imagine, unless there's some other technical issue happening. If you don't want to have to instantiate an instance of the class, make plotBar static and then you can call it like


    Hope this helps... probably not in time, but maybe useful for next time? Let me know...
    Let me know what you think of my website:
    Comments or suggestions are appreciated!

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