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Thread: Cannot obtain ' and " in my program

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    Default Cannot obtain ' and " in my program

    Hello everyone,
    Thanks for trying to help me.

    The program that I am working on is supposed to ask a person for their input in feet and inches

    2' 2 2/2" <--- (This format)

    However, I cannot come up with a way that enables such kind of user input.

    The program is composed of three classes




    <!-- Java: ... -->

     import java.util.Scanner;
        class Mix extends Fraction{
          public Mix ( int n, int m) 
          super (n,m);
          public String displayMix() 
          String str="";
          if (first < second) 
          str=first+ "'" + first%second +"/"+second+"\"";
          str=first+"'" +(first+second)+"/"+second+"\"";
          return str; 
          } //display
        public static String get ()
          Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
          System.out.print("Please enter a mixed-format number:");
          String userInput = scan.nextLine();
          userInput = userInput.trim();
          System.out.println("Input is: "+ userInput);
          return (userInput);
        } //get
          public static void main(String [] args)
          String userInput;
          int[]iA = {0,0,0,1};
          userInput = Mix.get();
          Mix f = new Mix ( iA[0] , (iA[1]*iA[2])+(iA[3]) );
          System.out.println("Number = " + f.displayMix());
          userInput = Mix.get();
          Mix g = new Mix ( iA[0] , iA[1] * iA[3] + iA[2]);
          System.out.println("Number = " + g.displayMix());
          Mix h = Mix.add (f,g);
          System.out.println("Sum ="+ h.displayMix());
          } // main
          public static Mix add (Mix f, Mix g){
          int gtop=       f.first+g.first;
          int gbottom=    f.second+g.second;
          return(new Mix ( gtop, gbottom));
          } //add
        public static int[] parse (String userInput){
        int [] sA = {0,0,0,1};
        int pos = userInput.indexOf("'");
        String sNum0 = userInput.substring(0,pos);
        pos = userInput.indexOf("'");
        sA[0]= Integer.parseInt(sNum0);
        String sNum = userInput.substring(0,pos);
        pos = sNum.indexOf("  ");
        sA[1]= Integer.parseInt(sNum);
        String sNum2 = userInput.substring(pos + 1);
        pos = sNum2.indexOf("/");
        String sTop= sNum2.substring (pos +3);
        pos = sNum2.indexOf("\"");
        sA[2] = Integer.parseInt(sTop);
        String sBot = sNum2.substring(pos +1);
        sA[3] = Integer.parseInt(sBot);
        // 2' 2 2/2
        return (sA);
        }} //parse

    I have managed to get result after inputting

    2' 2 2/2"1

    I don't know what I am doing wrong, but something is off since i need a number after the " to get a result back.

    I am pretty sure that something is wrong with the parsing method, i just dont know where it is.

    If you test the program you will see that the results for the numbers are not correct, I am aware of this issue, but I want to nail down the input
    so that later on i can deal with the computational issues with more ease.

    This is the Fraction class

       public class Fraction extends Pair{
        //attributes: NONE
        public Fraction(int n, int m) {
        int g=gcd(n,m);
        first = first;
        public void display2() {
        public Fraction add (Fraction f1, Fraction f2){
        int gtop=f1.first * f2.second
        + f2.first * f1.second;
        int gbottom= f1.second * f2.second;
        return (new Fraction(gtop,gbottom));
        public static int gcd (int n, int m){
        while ( n!=m) {
        if (n>m) n=n-m;
        else m=m-n;
        return (n);
        } //gcd
        } //class

    This is the third class

        public class Pair {
        int first;
        int second;
        public Pair(int n, int m) {
        public void display() {
        //pseudo_code is here
        System.out.print("First integer="+first);
        System.out.println("Second integer="+second);
        public static void main(String[] args) {
        //pseudo-code is here
        Pair f= new Pair(2,4);
        } //class

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    Default Re: Cannot obtain ' and " in my program

    Did you mean:

    2", 2', 2"/2' ?

    You could do this:

    String parseMe = input.nextLine();

    String[] inputs = parseMe.split(" ");

    Now, you should have

    inputs[0] = 2'
    inputs[1] = 2
    inputs[2] = 2/2"

    Also, to parse the last one, use the String method valueOf(char) to get around the usual possible syntax errors with those pesky double quotes.


    String quotes = String.valueOf('"');

    To further break down the 2/2", you could do a further split on it

    String[] inputs2 = inputs[2].split("/");

    I'm afraid I don't understand what all of the stuff means. Particularly what 2/2"1 means. However, as long as there are only spaces between the different types of input


    2' 2 2/2" 2/2"1 then it should work with my String split(" ") method call in separating them all.

    Again, I'm not quite sure what 2/2" and 2/2"1 represent so I can't be for certain on what to do, but did I help at all?

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    Default Re: Cannot obtain ' and " in my program

    Cannot get the meant results in feet and inches

    Duplicate post
    Improving the world one idiot at a time!

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