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Thread: string comparison java

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    Default string comparison java


    Could anyone tell me why the code below is not working?

    	 if (!gender.equals("man") || !gender.equals("female"))
    	 System.out.println("unrecognized gender!." + " Please try again");
    	 return amount = 50;

    Whatever I type in gender (either man, female or sth else) it displays

    unrecognized gender!." + " Please try again and amount is 50. In other words
     if (!gender.equals("man") || !gender.equals("female"))
    is not working. Can anyone explain me why?


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    Default Re: string comparison java

    So your if statement says: if gender is not "man" OR if gender is not "female"
    Consider that an OR statement checks BOTH conditions independently. So if you enter "female", the first condition of your OR statement is true, since "female" is not "man". If you enter "man", the first condition is false but the second condition is true, since "man" is not "female".
    What you need to do is check: if gender is not "man" AND if gender is not "female" (or in other words, using && instead of ||)

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    Default Re: string comparison java

    Although java does allow

    return amount = 50;

    It is an assignment statement and it assigns to the variable amount the value of 50 and then returns the variable amount. Also, from your code, it seems that you're returning the same thing regardless of whether it goes into the if or the else.

    Did you mean to do that?

    (Note, I actually had been unsure if java even allowed such a statement, I knew that C++ did allow something like (while amount = 50) whereas java did not and assumed java wouldn't allow a return that did an assignment statement either, but it apparently does allow it here.)

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