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Thread: How do I update information in a file?

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    Default How do I update information in a file?

    File manipulation is really confusing!

    I have a tic tac toe game, and I have a file that stores information about all the different people who played my tic tac toe game.

    Sometimes an existing player comes in and wants to play again. So, if he wins or loses, I have to update the number of wins and losses he has, in the file.

    Except the entire file keeps on getting deleted!!!! Here's exactly what happens: let's say I have ten players in my file. Two of these players get called and successfully retrieved. Then, after the game, I want to overwrite both of the new players' information with their new information. What winds up happening is all ten players are overwritten by the new player info. So, I started off with ten players, and end up with one.

    I only want to overwrite two player's information, and keep everything else intact.

    How do I do that??

    Here's my function that updates the records of a given player:

    public void updateRecords(Player player, java.io.File file)
                    String playerName = player.name;
                    String filePlayer = " ";
                    Scanner inputFile = null;
                    // create a scanner object that can read info from the file
                            inputFile = new Scanner(file);
                    } catch (FileNotFoundException ex)
                            System.err.println("FileNotFoundExcpetion: " + ex.getMessage());
                    // locate the player who needs to be updated
                    while(inputFile.hasNext() && !playerName.equals(filePlayer))
                            filePlayer = inputFile.next();
                    // update the record with the new player info
                            java.io.PrintWriter output = new java.io.PrintWriter(file);
                            System.out.println(player.name + " wins = " + player.numWins);
                            output.println(player.name + " " + player.symbol + " " + player.numWins + " " + player.numLosses);
                    } catch (FileNotFoundException ex)
                            System.err.println("FileNotFoundExcpetion: " + ex.getMessage());

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    Default Re: How do I update information in a file?

    You can't manipulate normal text files in the way you want easily. It can be done, but it is a pain.
    What you need to do is read the file and create a String of its content. As you read the file:
    1. look for the section you want to change
    2. add the new text you want to change to your String
    3. skip over the old text you are replacing in the file (don't add it to your String)
    4. continue to add the rest of the file to your String
    5. write your String back out to the file

    That is the most basic way. I imagine there is some sort of creative way to pipe the input to a temporary file and then overwriting the old input file afterwards or something (instead of using Strings), but I don't know how one would go about doing that.

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    3. Give us an example of what the output should look like when done correctly.

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