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Thread: Create the object of that program i'll pay for him/her

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    Default Create the object of that program i'll pay for him/her

    Any Body telll how to create the object of that program

    public class CreditCard
    //instant variable

    private String number;
    private String name;
    private String bank;
    private double balance;
    private int limit;

    // constructor:
    CreditCard(String no, String nm,String bk,double bal,int lim)
    number = no;
    name = nm;
    bank = bk;
    balance = bal;
    limit = lim;


    //Accessor method:

    public String getNumber(){return number;}
    public String getName(){return name;}
    public String getBank(){return bank;}
    public double getBalance(){return balance;}
    public int getLimit(){return limit;}

    //Action Method:

    public boolean chargelt(double price){
    //make a charge
    if (price + balance > (double)limit)
    return false;

    // There is not enough money to charge

    return true;
    //The charge goed through in this case

    public void makePayment(double payment){
    //Make a payment

    public static void printCard(CreditCard c){
    //Print a card's Information
    System.out.println("Number = "+ c.getNumber());
    System.out.println("Name = "+ c.getName());
    System.out.println("Bank = "+ c.getBank());
    System.out.println("Balance = "+ c.getBalance());//Implicit cast
    System.out.println("Limit = "+ c.getLimit());//Implicit cast

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    Default Re: Create the object of that program i'll pay for him/her

    *code removed*

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    Default Re: Create the object of that program i'll pay for him/her

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    Default Re: Create the object of that program i'll pay for him/her

    Did the original poster just offer to pay for help on instantiating an object? That doesn't bode well for any future development as a programmer if he's paying for some pretty basic advice. I'm no expert on software development careers, but I think the idea is that you learn how to do it, then other people pay you to do programming stuff.

    Think of it this way.... objects are basically complex, custom created data types. If you wanted to create an integer variable with a name of x, and give it the value of 5, what would you do?

    Creating objects is pretty similar except the value is created using the new keyword, followed by a function call where the function is the same name as the object. Do you see what I'm getting at? I'm trying to explain without outright giving you the code. Check out the link JPS provided.

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