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Thread: using class and method..

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    Default using class and method..


    here is instruction and here are code I wrote. it runs and produce right result but I am not so sure this is how instruction is asking me to
    write the code. could you verify and see if I did things right here? any pointers are appreciated.

    Class HealthProfile
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
    public class HealthProfile
    	String fName;
    	String lName;
    	String gender;
    	int bDayMonth;
    	int bDayDay;
    	int bDayYear;
    	int age;
    	double height;
    	double weight;
    	double BMI;
    	String inputString;
    	String inputString1;
    	public HealthProfile()
    	public void setFirstName(String fN)
    		fName = fN;
    	public void setLastName(String lN)
    		 lName = lN;
    	public void setGender(String gen)
    		 gender = gen;
    	public void setBirthMonth(int bMonth)
    		 bDayMonth = bMonth;
    	public void setBirthDay(int bDay)
    		 bDayDay = bDay;
    	public void setBirthYear(int bYear)
    		 bDayYear = bYear;
    	//get patient's first name
    	public String getFirstName()
    		return fName;
    	//get patient's last name
    	public String getLastName()
    		return lName;
    	//get patient's gender
    	public String getGender()
    		return gender;
    	//get patient's month of date of birth
    	public int getBirthMonth()
    		return bDayMonth;
    	//get patient's day of date of birth
    	public int getBirthDay()
    		return bDayDay;
    	//get patient's year of date of birth
    	public int getBirthYear()
    		return bDayYear;
    	//get patient's height in inches and weight in pounds
    	public void display()
    		inputString = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is patient's height in inches?");
    		height = Double.parseDouble(inputString);
    		inputString1 = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is patient's weight in pounds?");
    		weight = Double.parseDouble(inputString1);
    	//calculate patient's BMI
    	public void calcBMI()
    		BMI = (weight*703)/(height*height);
    	//calculate patient's age
    	public void calcAge()
    		age = 2013-bDayYear;

    Project7 Application
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
    import java.text.DecimalFormat;
    public class Project7
    	public static void main(String[] args)
    		String inputString;
    		//declare identifier for HealthProfile Objoect
    		HealthProfile patient1;
    		//create HealthProfile object by calling its constructor
    		patient1 = new HealthProfile();
    		//input patient's first name
    		patient1.setFirstName(inputString = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is patient's first name?"));
    		//input patient's first name
    		patient1.setLastName(inputString = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is patient's last name?"));
    		//input patient's gender
    		patient1.setGender(inputString = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is patient's gender?"));
    		String bMonth = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is month of patient's birthday?");		
    		String bDay = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is day of patient's birthday?");
    		String bYear = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is year of patient's birthday?");
    		String fName = patient1.getFirstName(); 
    		String lName = patient1.getLastName();
    		String gender = patient1.getGender();
    		patient1.display(); //call HealthProfile to get height and weight
    		patient1.calcBMI(); //call HealthProfile to calculate BMI
    		DecimalFormat formatter = new DecimalFormat("#0.0");
    		//print out the result	
    		System.out.println("Patient First Name: " + patient1.getFirstName() + "\n" + "Patient Last Name: " 
    		+ patient1.getLastName() + "\n" + "Gender: " + patient1.getGender() + "\n" + "Age: " +
    		patient1.age + "\n" + "Weight in pounds: " + patient1.weight + "\n" + "BMI: " + 
    		formatter.format(patient1.BMI) + "\n" + "\n" + "BMI VALUES\n" +  "Underweight:	less than 18.5\n" + 
    		"Normal:	between 18.5 and 24.9\n" + "Overweight:	between 25 and 29.9\n" + "Obese:		30 or greater");

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    Default Re: using class and method..

    The instructions say that all the data members (except height, weight, age and BMI) should be defined when the class is instantiated. A class is instantiated when the constructor is called. Therefor all the data members (exempt those mentioned before) should be set in the constructor.

    	public HealthProfile(String fName, String lName, String gender, int bDayMonth, int bDayDay, int bDayYear)

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    Default Re: using class and method..

    In addition to the constructor suggestion:
    Instructions indicate that a method should calculate and return the age in years, not that it be stored as a variable - same thing with the BMI, it should be calculated and returned rather than stored
    Keep in mind that you should not store "the same data" twice. For example, you store the year, month, and day of birth, which can be used to calculate the age, so there is no reason to store age in a variable. In fact there is good reason not to do so.
    If you created a new HelthProfile and set the birth year, month, day, and age, ...what if someone realizes there was an error in the birth year, month or day when the information was typed in. With the age being calculated on the spot, it will always return the most current (supposedly accurate) information, and not the value sitting in another variable that may or may not have been updated

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