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Thread: image does not load to .jar file after been compile

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    Default image does not load to .jar file after been compile

    Hi, i have create a game call Ninjabomb.The game we work fine in compiler but when i compile into .jar, only empty jframe appears.Here i attach my image code
    import java.awt.Component;
    import java.awt.MediaTracker;
    import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
    public class roleImageArray {
        MediaTracker _mt;
        BufferedImage _back[];
        BufferedImage _fire[];
        BufferedImage _play[];
        BufferedImage _playStart;
        BufferedImage _foemans[];
        BufferedImage _end[];
        BufferedImage _foemansNow;
        BufferedImage _bonus[];
        BufferedImage _bom;
        BufferedImage _bomb;
        BufferedImage _ray;
        BufferedImage _charred;
        BufferedImage _greatman;
        BufferedImage _greatman_bomb;
        public roleImageArray(Component canvas) {
            _back = new BufferedImage[6];
            _fire = new BufferedImage[5];
            _play = new BufferedImage[6];
            _foemans = new BufferedImage[20];
            _bonus = new BufferedImage[3];
            _bonus[0] = ImageUtils.loadImage("item_fire.png");
            _bonus[1] = ImageUtils.loadImage("item_bomb.png");
            _bonus[2] = ImageUtils.loadImage("item_greatman.png");
            _end = new BufferedImage[2];
            _end[0] = ImageUtils.loadImage("win.jpg");
            _end[1] = ImageUtils.loadImage("gameover.jpg");
            _back[0] = ImageUtils.loadImage("rock.png");
            _back[1] = ImageUtils.loadImage("wall.png");
            for (int i = 0; i < _fire.length; i++) {
                _fire[i] = ImageUtils.loadImage("fire.png");
            _play[0] = ImageUtils.loadImage("player0.png");
            _play[1] = ImageUtils.loadImage("player1.png");
            _play[2] = ImageUtils.loadImage("player2.png");
            _play[3] = ImageUtils.loadImage("player3.png");
            _play[4] = ImageUtils.loadImage("player4.png");
            _play[5] = ImageUtils.loadImage("player5.png");
            _greatman = ImageUtils.loadImage("greatman.png");
            _greatman_bomb = ImageUtils.loadImage("greatman_bomb.png");
            _foemans[0] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast0.png");
            _foemans[1] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast1.png");
            _foemans[2] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast2.png");
            _foemans[3] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast3.png");
            _foemans[4] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast4.png");
            _foemans[5] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast5.png");
            _foemans[6] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast6.png");
            _foemans[7] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast7.png");
            _foemans[9] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast9.png");
            _foemans[8] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast8.png");
            _foemans[10] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast10.png");
            _foemans[11] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast11.png");
            _foemans[12] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast12.png");
            _foemans[13] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast13.png");
            _foemans[14] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast14.png");
    //		_foemans[12] = ImageUtils.loadImage("beast12.png");
            _bom = ImageUtils.loadImage("boom.png");
            _bomb = ImageUtils.loadImage("bomb.png");
            _ray = ImageUtils.loadImage("ray.png");
            _charred = ImageUtils.loadImage("charred.png");
            _mt = new MediaTracker(canvas);
            _mt.addImage(_end[0], 1);
            _mt.addImage(_end[1], 1);
            _mt.addImage(_back[0], 1);
            _mt.addImage(_back[1], 1);
            _mt.addImage(_playStart, 1);
            _mt.addImage(_foemans[1], 1);
            _mt.addImage(_bom, 1);
            _mt.addImage(_bomb, 1);
        public BufferedImage[] getEnd() {
            return _end;
        public BufferedImage[] getBack() {
            return _back;
        public void setBack(BufferedImage[] back) {
            this._back = back;
        public BufferedImage getBomb() {
            return _bomb;
        public BufferedImage getRay() {
            return _ray;
        public BufferedImage getCharred() {
            return _charred;
        public void setBakuha(BufferedImage bomb) {
            this._bomb = bomb;
        public BufferedImage getBom() {
            return _bom;
        public void setBom(BufferedImage bom) {
            _bom = bom;
        public BufferedImage[] getFire() {
            return _fire;
        public BufferedImage getGreatman() {
            return _greatman;
        public BufferedImage getGreatman_bomb() {
            return _greatman_bomb;
        public void setFire(BufferedImage[] fire) {
            this._fire = fire;
        public BufferedImage[] getBonus() {
            return _bonus;
        public void setBonus(BufferedImage[] bonus) {
            _bonus = bonus;
        public BufferedImage[] getFoemans() {
            return _foemans;
        public void setFoemans(BufferedImage[] foemans) {
            this._foemans = foemans;
        public BufferedImage getFoemansNow() {
            return _foemansNow;
        public void setFoemansNow(BufferedImage foemansNow) {
            this._foemansNow = foemansNow;
        public MediaTracker getMt() {
            return _mt;
        public void setMt(MediaTracker mt) {
            this._mt = mt;
        public BufferedImage[] getPlay() {
            return _play;
        public void setPlay(BufferedImage[] play) {
            this._play = play;
        public BufferedImage getPlayStart() {
            return _playStart;
        public void setPlayStart(BufferedImage playStart) {
            this._playStart = playStart;

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    Default Re: image does not load to .jar file after been compile

    Where does the ImageUtils class's methods look for the image files?
    Its better if the images are put in the jar file and treated as resources instead of files. Resources in jar files are accessed via getResource methods that return a URL or stream for reading the resource.
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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