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Hi I am here to ask for help on an assignment.
I'm basically doing a computing course and I am terrible at the programming side of it.

So I was given an assignment which I failed on my first attempt only receiving 29%....
I have now been given a referred assignment but I still have no Idea how i would get any higher than the 29% percent I got last time.

If you are willing to get me to at least the pass mark 40% I will be more than happy to pay you.

Here is my assignment: url redacted

If you could help what do you think? Is the assignment hard? How long would it take you to do it?
This isn't the way things work here.

Discussions should be had here, in the public forums. And typically they will be discussions, not homework handouts.

Some people get quite angry at requests like this. I guess they imagine having to work alongside someone whose only skill is the ability to cut and paste. But I'm just an amateur and, so, I can afford to be more relaxed. My concern about providing teh codez is that I'd be robbing you of the opportunity to learn something.

Now if you are struggling with the course (and your favourite deity knows well that this happens to all of us) speak to your teachers. They have no interest in seeing you fail, and they can give practical help. Or ask here: say where you're at with the assignment, what you've done and what the results are so far. There are very talented people here (as well as the very verbose ones...) Don't overlook the resources that are available in favour of some "quick fix" which isn't going to happen.

Whatever you choose, good luck.