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Thread: Help compiling!

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    Default Help compiling!


    <public class Lab5a
    	Scanner input = new Scanner( System.in);
    		int gallons_of_gas = 0;
    		int milesDriven = 0;
    		int tankCounter = 1;
    		totalMpg = 0;
    while ( gallons_of_gas != -999 )
    	System.out.print( "Enter gallons used in filling up the tank or enter -999 to quit: " );
    	gallos_of_gas = input.nextInt();
    	System.out.print( "Enter miles driven since tank was full: " );
    	milesDriven = Input.nextInt();
    	System.out.printf( "MPG this tankful: d\n% ", milesDriven / gallons_of_gas );
    if (gallons_of_gas = -999 )
    	System.out.printf( "Thank you for using the mileage counter 3000, please come again" );

    The errors read as follows:

    < Lab5a.java:35: error: illegal start of expression 
    Lab5a.java:37: error: reached end of file while parsing
    2 errors

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Help compiling!

    Suggestion number one: reformat your code. Formatting isn't there just to make your code look pretty, it's there to help you debug it at a glance, to see at a glance where blocks begin and where they end, where control structures begin and end, where classes begin and end. Get rid of any extraneous characters, like the < bit at the beginning of your file.

    Next, place all code blocks within curly braces. So all statements within that while loop should go within a set of curly {} braces so that you and the compiler agree on which statements are inside of and which are outside of the loop (you will be surprised to learn that what you think is inside of the loop currently is in fact outside of it.

    Next make sure that all opening curly braces have a matched closing brace. This is where formatting your code well really helps.

    Remember: you can't be sloppy when coding. Each character has purpose, has meaning, so don't use them carelessly.


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    Default Re: Help compiling!

    I will have to work on my formatting. However, I added the {} to what the while statement should encompass, and it still has an error, any other suggestions ? D:

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    Default Re: Help compiling!

    it still has an error
    Please copy and paste here the full text of the error message.

    Check that all the {s have a matching }
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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