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Thread: Cannot find symbol. Completely Stuck

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    Default Cannot find symbol. Completely Stuck

    So I have a project that asks me to make a class called CityInfo and put different methods in it to set a city, state, year, population, and area. It then calculates density and annual growth. This program does not print anything so I have to use the 'Interactions' tab in JGrasp. My other code is CityInfoApp, it gets user input for the different methods and actually prints it out. However i have a small problem, it wont compile due to some error that I have honestly no idea how to fix. Here is CityInfoApp.

    public class  CityInfoApp
       public static void main(String[] args)
          int fYear, iPop, pop;
          double area, den, growth;
          String city, state, name;
          CityInfo aub;
          Scanner stdInReader = new Scanner(System.in);
        // get user input for city and state
          System.out.print("City: ");
          city = stdInReader.nextLine();
          System.out.print("\nState: ");
          state = stdInReader.nextLine();
        // get user input for founded year, initial population, population
          System.out.print("\nYear founded: ");
          fYear = stdInReader.nextInt();
          System.out.print("\nInitial Population: ");
          iPop = stdInReader.nextInt();
          System.out.print("\nPopulation: ");
          pop = stdInReader.nextInt();
        // area
          System.out.print("\nArea: ");
          area = Double.parseDouble(stdInReader.nextLine());
          // in the line below, replace the blank with your name
          aub = new CityInfo(name);
          // set the year founded
          // set the initial population
        // set current population
          //set area
        // print
          System.out.print("City: " + city + ", " + state
             + " (Founded in " + fYear + ")"
             + "\nPopulation: " + pop
             + "\nArea: " + area
             + "\nDensity: " + aub.Density() + " people per sq mi"
             + "\nGrowth: " + aub.annualGrowth() + " people per yr");

    The line aub = new CityInfo(name);
    does not work because it "cannot fin symbol" and is pointing at 'new'. What is my problem?

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    Default Re: Cannot find symbol. Completely Stuck

    Hello and welcome to the javaprogrammingforums. You may have noticed that your posted code is hard to read. I recommend that you have a look at the forum FAQ's about how to use code tags, and then press the "Edit Post" link on the bottom of your post, remove your current code, paste in well-formatted code without line numbers and using code tags.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Cannot find symbol. Completely Stuck

    I really don't understand how there could be an error.
    Are you saying
    aub = new CityInfo(name);
    gets an error? I'm sorry I don't understand why the error is happening.
    Just check your CityInfo class again, good luck on the project!

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    Default Re: Cannot find symbol. Completely Stuck

    We will need:
    1. The *full* error message. Every little bit of that message is critical.
    2. You will need to post the CityInfo class code, especially its constructor.
    3. Does this class in fact have a constructor that takes a String?

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