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Thread: A java question - Help Urgently needed?

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    Post A java question - Help Urgently needed?

    When a new player is registered, she/he
    should be inserted into the Club class in alphabetical order of last name (and then first name
    and then registration number if last names are the same). To do this make your Person and
    Player class implement the Comparable interface.Write a Comparator class that compares players by batting average (number of runs scored
    divided by no of times dismissed). If a player has never been dismissed list them at the
    bottom of the averages in decreasing order of runs scored. Implement a new method
    averages to the Club class that passes a Comparator to implement the above ordering.
    Hence write a main program in a class Testing that will print information about each
    player in the club where players are listed by decreasing order of batting average. This should
    allow ordering to be dictated by the Comparator passed by the main program without
    modifying the code in any of your classes.

    This is my code for club class and I dont know how to do the registration bit and how to ipmplement comparable for average ....Please help me.

    import java.util.*;

    public class Club
    private List<Player> list;
    private List<WicketKeeper> list1;
    private List<Bowler> list2;
    private String clubname;
    private static int regNum=0;
    public Club(String name)
    list=new ArrayList<Player>();
    list1=new ArrayList<WicketKeeper>();
    list2=new ArrayList<Bowler>();

    public void removePlayer(int IdPlayer)
    public Club(int Id)
    regNum = Id;
    public int getId()
    return regNum;

    public void add(Player p)
    public void add(WicketKeeper p)
    public void add(Bowler p)

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    Default Re: A java question - Help Urgently needed?

    Please put your code in code tags in the future.

    To put the Players in the list alphabetically (your add(Player p) method), you need to loop through the list and compare names. Once you find where the player should be inserted, use the list.add(index,Player) method, instead of the list.add(Player) method.

    As for implementing Comparable (here is the API: Comparable (Java Platform SE 6)), you first need to declare the Player (and Person) classes by saying:
    public class Player implements Comparable<Player>
    And then you need to implement the compareTo(T o) method by saying:
    public int compareTo(Player o) {
    //compare batting averages

    When asking for help, please follow these guidelines to receive better and more prompt help:
    1. Put your code in Java Tags. To do this, put [highlight=java] before your code and [/highlight] after your code.
    2. Give full details of errors and provide us with as much information about the situation as possible.
    3. Give us an example of what the output should look like when done correctly.

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