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Thread: help with array for creating and inserting reference to object in java

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    Post help with array for creating and inserting reference to object in java

    i'm doing heapSort algorithm. where I have to creat an array of reference to object. I actually creaed array which is empty so println displays null. thats fine. but when I actually add object(each listing object contain information of student-their name, id#, and gpa) and try to print it, it gives me result. My problem is I want to use toString method coded in Listing class(student information) to print all information. But it gives me all information when I directly give array element to print statement. I think this would no longer keep my code encapsulated.
    System. out.println(data[j]); & System.out.println(data[j].toString); this both gives me same output.
    I dont know whether it is correct or wrong. I would be grateful if anyone can explain me difference between both eprint statements and how encapsulation will work here. I'm also including code that I've tried.
    import java.util.Scanner;

    public class MainHeapSort {

    public static void main(String[] args){

    Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);

    System.out.println("Enter number of students: ");
    int size = input.nextInt();

    Listing[] data = new Listing[size];// data of class listing that stores students information

    //following two statements says that data array is empty hence prints null
    //for(int j = 0; j < size; j++){

    Listing temp = new Listing("","","");

    for(int j = 0; j < data.length ; j++){

    System.out.println("Enter name of the student: ");
    String stuName = input.next();
    System.out.println("Enter student ID number: ");
    String idNumber = input.next();
    System.out.println("Enter students GPA: ");
    String stuGpa = input.next();

    Listing student = new Listing(stuName, idNumber, stuGpa);
    data[j] = student.deepCopy();

    // this is swap just for my understanding.
    temp = data[0];
    data[0] = data[2];
    data[2] = data[1];
    data[1] = temp;

    for(int j = 0; j < size; j++){
    System.out.println("after changing index: ");



    here is the code for class Listing that stores student's info
    public class Listing
    { private String name; // key field
    private String address;
    private String number;

    public Listing(){}

    public Listing(String n, String a, String num )
    { name = n;
    address = a;
    number = num;

    public String toString( )
    { return("Name is " + name +
    "\nAddress is " + address +
    "\nNumber is " + number + "\n");

    public Listing deepCopy( )
    { Listing clone = new Listing(name, address, number);
    return clone;

    public int compareTo(String targetKey)
    { return(name.compareTo(targetKey));

    public void setAddress(String a) // coded to demonstrate encapsulation
    { address = a;

    public String getKey()
    { return name;
    }// end of class Listing

    when I used Listing[] data array in other coding I used it as private. I dont know but I'm not able to use it as private in main method. it gives me an error.

    if any body can help me understand this I would be really greatful.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: help with array for creating and inserting reference to object in java

    Please Edit your post and wrap your code with[code=java]<YOUR CODE HERE>[/code] to get highlighting. Unformatted code is hard to read and understand.
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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