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Thread: System exit command is not working properly

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    Default System exit command is not working properly

    I have been staring at this program for a while and can't get it to work. I would appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

    Problem: System.exit(0); is not working. IDE gives me an error that I don't understand. System should exit when mouse is pressed inside of rectangle.

    Program description: Program is supposed to open drawing window and then draws rectangle. Program loops until mouse is pressed inside of rectangle (Mouse press marked by red hash). System is supposed to close when condition is true.

    import element.*;  // opens element library
    import java.awt.Color;  // opens color library
    public class DrawHashMarks {  // opens class
    	 * This class draws a set of hash marks.  
    	* @Walton
    	public static void main(String[] args) { //opens main method
    		DrawingWindow d = new DrawingWindow();   //opens drawing window
    		Rect stop = new Rect (50,50,30,30);  // draws rectangle
    		Pt pressPoint;  // sets variable for presspoint
    		d.draw(stop); //a button for stopping 
    		d.setForeground(Color.red);  // set color for hash mark 
    		while (true) { // potentially infinite
    			pressPoint = d.awaitMousePress(); // mouse is now down
    			if (stop.contains(pressPoint));  // leave loop 
    			drawHashAt(d,pressPoint); // calls drawHashAt method
    			d.awaitMouseRelease();  // mouse is now up
    		} // close loop	
    	} // close main method	
    	public static void drawHashAt (DrawingWindow d, Pt center) { // opens method
    	// pre: d is a valid drawing window, center is a valid point 
    	// post: draw a hash mark centered at center in drawing window d
    		d.moveTo(center);  //move to center of hash mark 
    		d.move(-10, 0);  //move left 
    		d.line(20, 0); //draw horizontal axis 
    		d.move(-10, -10); //move up 
    		d.line(0, 20); //draw vertical axis
    	} // opens drawHashAt method 	
    }  // close class

    Thanks for your help.
    LR Walton

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    Default Re: System exit command is not working properly

    Just because you don't understand an error doesn't mean you shouldn't post it here.

    Anyway, two immediate problems to spot are:

    while (true) -- Your loop is an infinite loop as you have nothing inside which could break out of it
    if (stop.contains(pressPoint)); // leave loop -- even if that did what it was meant to, it wouldn't work because you've closed it down with a semi-colon instead of a curly brace.
    Please use [highlight=Java]//code goes here...[/highlight] tags when posting your code

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