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Thread: Help needed with java coding!!

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    Default Help needed with java coding!!

    hello everyone,

    I am having an issue with getting my java class coding to complete the task.
    Here it is: I'm coding a a Java class called Roadway that meets the following UML specification:

    -length : double
    -numLanes : int
    -laneWidth : double
    -costFactor : double

    +Roadway(initLength:double, initLanes: int)

    The methods in the above should do the following:
    • the constructor should give initial values to the length and numLanes attributes from the
    corresponding parameters, and give the laneWidth attribute the value 8.5.
    • the setCostFactor method should set the costFactor attribute to the method’s input
    parameter value.
    • the surfaceArea method should calculate and return the surface area of the road. Note that
    this could be calculated as the product of the number of lanes in the road times the width of
    one lane times the length of the road.
    • the printCost method should print the cost of the road to the screen. You MUST utilize the
    surfaceArea method to accomplish this. Note that the cost of the road is just its surface
    area times its cost factor.

    Driver code class:
    public class RoadwayDriver
     Note that this driver class does not have any attributes;
     It merely uses object(s) of another class as needed
     public static void main(String args[])
     int myRoadNumLanes; // how wide is our road (in lanes) ?
     double myRoadLength, // how long is our road (in feet) ?
     costFactor; // how much does a square foot cost?
     // we’ll be reading fromt he keyboad, build a Scanner accordingly
     Scanner kbd = new Scanner(System.in);
     // prompt for and get the road length
     System.out.print("Please enter the length of the new road:");
     myRoadLength = kbd.nextDouble();
     // prompt for and get the number of lanes in the road
     System.out.print("Please enter the number of lanes for the new road:");
     myRoadNumLanes = kbd.nextInt();
     // prompt for and get the cost per square foot
     System.out.print("Please enter the cost factor:");
     costFactor= kbd.nextDouble();
     // build up a roadway object using values read in
     Roadway myRoad = new Roadway(myRoadLength, myRoadNumLanes);
     // set the roadway’s cost factor from the value read in
     // print out the roadway’s cost.
    Java Code:
    public class Roadway 
     private double length;
     private int numLanes;
     private double laneWidth;
     private double costFactor;
     private double printCost;
     public Roadway(double initLength, int initLanes)
     { length = initLength;
     numLanes = initLanes;
     laneWidth = 8.5;
     public void costFactor(double factor)
     { costFactor = factor;
     public double getCostFactor()
     { return costFactor;
     public void setCostFactor(double costFactor)
     { this.costFactor = costFactor;
     private double surfaceArea()
     { double surfaceArea = length * numLanes * laneWidth;
     return surfaceArea;
     public void printCost()
     { printCost = (surfaceArea() * costFactor);
     public double getPrintCost() 
     { return printCost;
     public void setPrintCost(double printCost) 
     { this.printCost = printCost;
    when i run the program, the console terminates after "Please enter the cost factor" question so i am unable to get the cost of the roadway.
    if anyone could help me as soon as possible, i would really appreciate.
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    Default Re: Help needed with java coding!!

    the program, the console terminates after "Please enter the cost factor" question
    It looks like that is the last prompt for input.
    Where in the code is there any reading of input done after:
    costFactor= kbd.nextDouble();

    What do you expect to happen after the user responds to that question?

    i am unable to get the cost of the roadway.
    Are you saying that you don't have any System.out.println statements to print out the cost?

    Have you tried adding a System.out.println to show the cost?
    Last edited by Norm; February 14th, 2012 at 08:11 PM.

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