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Thread: Need help with chars/or's/if statements

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    Default Need help with chars/or's/if statements

    public class main {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		start s=new start();
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class start {
    	converter c=new converter();
    	public void begin(){
    		boolean quit = false;
    		while (quit==false){
    			System.out.println("Welcome to Calvin's Pig Latin Translator.");
    			System.out.println("Press 1 to Start, 2 to Quit");
    			/*Scanner start=new Scanner(System.in); //when this runs, it always goes to the last else
    			String var=start.nextLine();
    				System.out.println("Incorrect input. Please try again");
    	public void enter(){
    		System.out.println("Please enter the word you want to enter into Pig Latin");
    		Scanner word=new Scanner(System.in);
    		String input=word.nextLine();
    public class converter {
    	public void word(String wrd){
    		char letter='w';
    		String wooord=wrd;
    		if (!charKind(wrd.charAt(0))){
    		printer(letter, wooord);
    	public void printer(char cha, String wd){
    		System.out.println(wd+" "+cha+"ay. ");
    	boolean charKind(char ch){
    		boolean vowel=false;
    		if(ch==('a'|'e'|'i'|'o'|'u')){          //doesnt ever return true
    			vowel = true;
    		return vowel;

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    Default Re: Need help with chars/or's/if statements

    You forgot to ask you question. What do you need help with?

    If you are getting errors, please copy and paste here the full text of the error messages.

    Consider this:
    System.out.println("or'd chars=" + ('a'|'e'|'i'|'o'|'u')); //or'd chars=127
    The value of those letters ORd together is 127
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